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detailed LCPDFR custom computer background


Hey everyone. everyone is asking about how to do it I had crazy problems trying to understand how to do it and I caught it in another area on how to in the comments section so I will break it down in full detail. I especially want to give thanks and his original credit Jay for being the first to put a tutorial on how to do this but It confused me and I want to thank him and not bashing or putting anyone down thanks.

Step 1: pick an image that you want and save it to your desktop or pics where ever you prefer

Step 2: after you save it rename it from (example: image.jpg or image.png) to PoliceBG you need to make sure it specifically says this

Step 3: go to your GTA IV scripts folder open the LCPDFR folder and paste into there. BTW it will show up as PoliceBG.jpg or .png rename it and take the .jpg or .png out of it. on my computer it will say are you sure click yes close all of it and enjoy. Hope it was as thorough and easy to understand you can PM me if you need further help. thanks

this is my LCPDFR computer background of the PBSO banner I got off of google images I do not claim original rights or credits to the image

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I was just curious as to the dimensions that the picture has to be. Or can it be any size and it will auto resize it once in game?

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