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    BlackTiger reacted to Dripzzy in 11-99 Officer needs help   
    A cool little video i made when i was bored if you like it be sure to leave some feedback

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    BlackTiger reacted to ineseri in Call goes clean after a short time!   
    Hello, did you press 'y' to accept the callout? 
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    BlackTiger got a reaction from TheDanishGuy in GTA Online only for three years?   
    You're speaking the truth here, nothing to have a war over. I've been using the Xbox since the first one, but they ruined it for the next gen (what I think of) Whoever, everything has it own benefits, (i.e Xbox Live has a monthly fee while PS3 can be played online for free, but it used to have a weak security that got it hacked.)
    As you may know, PS3 has a GTA V bundle (PS3 + GTA V) which points direct to what I'm thinking of, getting so many players to purchase it on the consoles and if they don't have one, get the bundle. Release later for the PC and get the people to purchase there as well. At least that's what I'm going to do.
    GFWL - For me, it's worse than Origin. It's good to see it sinking but it's very sad for people who that wants to play multiplayer and have purchased DLCs. Companies such as Microsoft is hard to play against, if you are going to take it to the next level and get them to the court.
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    BlackTiger got a reaction from Mudkipz in BlackTiger's tutorials   
    There's always someone doing that.
    You are welcome. 
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    BlackTiger got a reaction from InnermostZero in Lowering traffic?   
    If you go to commondata there will be a file called "popcycle.dat" which you can edit to set the car-spawn-limit for each zone.
    Search up a tutorial if you don't know how to edit it.
    Psst: There's a program called "IV Needle" that you can use to edit it, search it up at Google. "GTA IV IV Needle"
    Good luck!
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    BlackTiger got a reaction from theninja35 in BlackTiger's tutorials   
    Starting a chase.
    Forcing duty, changing the model and voice.
    If you didn't know it, well you do know!
    Be sure to leave a comment.  
    ​To be updated...
    Last Update: 2013-08-11
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    BlackTiger got a reaction from theninja35 in Any Good DealerShip Mods for   
    Have you heard about the modification called "Farnsworth's Business Mod Complete v2"?
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    BlackTiger got a reaction from OfficerDunn in BlackTiger's tutorials   
    Oh, well I'm into much of watching gameplay videos. There's always someone out there that is new into LCPD:FR and I would like to share of what I know with them.
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    BlackTiger got a reaction from drussjnr99 in drug task force   
    TIP: Use ALT + 11 and you might get a intresting call, if not, deny it and do it once again.
    That's what I do to get "shots" fired calls.
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