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    I really love this pack. The vehicles look superb without looking or having too many accessories. Great job.
  1. There is no denying what @Ezra is correct, this is just partly laziness and partly lack of interest in editing files on my part. I appreciate your reply, thanks for taking the time to make such a nice model.
  2. I have already found one and it is sound. I appreciate your advice.
  3. That is why I didn't give it a poor rating. I like the model, I just don't have interest in editing files. The file comes as FBI2 and it rolls over in that slot, for me that means I will find something that does not roll over in FBI2
  4. Really love the look of the vehicle but stopped using it because of the flipping issue.
  5. I am using 0.4 and installing a vehicle pack through Open IV. Do I need to add textures or is there a simple change I can make somewhere?
  6. When I install unmarked police vehicles, I only get white vehicles. Is there a way to change the colors to at least the colors advertised in the pack?
    As stated "A visual enhancement mod is recommended to improve the appearance of ELS lights in game. " The mod is out of date and needs a visual enhancement built in, in order to solve the issues that arise from the number of other visual enhancement mods out there. (Radiance, Bright Lights, Etc.) It is better to not use ELS than to use it, in my opinion.
    Turned my red and blue police lights to white lights. Not helpful
  7. I can't get this mod to work at all. I have a plugins folder in my main GTA directory which contains LSPD First Response .dll and .pbd files. I then have an lspdfr folder which has a Plugins folder that is empty. I tried putting Plugins\LSPDFR in both at different times with no luck. I know I am screwing up , I am just not seeing it.
  8. I am hoping for a February release date, but if it needs to be delayed to get things right, so be it.
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