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    Captain Peanut reacted to Kallus in Xscanner..oh my gosh! what a super mod for LSPDFR!   
    XScanner is indeed a really good mod, but the one thing I hate and that stops me from using it is that eventually it loops and you hear the same exact thing over and over.  I just use Broadcastify.  It's real, live audio and you can mix it up and choose a different department to listen to each time.
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    Captain Peanut got a reaction from Jedahdiah in What are some good Park Ranger vehicles?   
    Not really a "Park Ranger" in the traditional sense, but Jed's Fire Watch Truck is fantastic. 
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    Captain Peanut reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - Activity Feed & Companion App   
    Just a week ago, we released LSPDFR 0.4.  Since then, there's been at any given time an average of 620 people playing LSPDFR, peaking at just over 1,200 earlier today.  We think these are pretty incredible numbers for a game mod, and we've really enjoyed watching as people get to grips with 0.4 and all of the new possibilities it offers.
    With that being said, we've been monitoring the support forums and have recognized that there are, of course, a couple of issues with 0.4.  We're working to get as many of these sorted as we can and hope to release a small patch to address the most important ones shortly.
    Today, though, we're introducing two new features as part of LSPDFR Sync - the Activity Feed and the Companion App. 
    Activity Feed
    The Activity Feed, in a bit of a throwback to the days of LCPDFR's Crime Statistics, is a live activity wall of everything that's going on in LSPDFR 0.4.  You can track what your fellow officers are up to with live updates on callouts, traffic stops, arrests, etc.  Plus, we've integrated it with the website so everything is linked together nicely as far as Characters and forum accounts go.
    Companion App
    The Companion App is something a little different that we're working on.  Open it up while in-game and you'll see an overview of your current session with your Character's location marked on a Google Maps style rendition of San Andreas.  As well as some basic info about your Character, we've added a couple of actions that can be performed from the app such as calling backup and going on and off duty. 
    It's early days, but we definitely have some cool plans going forward for the Companion App.
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    Captain Peanut reacted to Kallus in Tucson police investigating "suspicious white powder"   
    Taken from their FB page - https://www.facebook.com/TucsonPoliceDepartment/
    I love that they did this and commend them for having a great sense of humor.
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    Captain Peanut got a reaction from Robotjukebox in Your best LSPDFR screenshots?   
    A few more:
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    Captain Peanut reacted to EightBall in Your best LSPDFR screenshots?   
    Traffic stop under the rain

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    Captain Peanut reacted to ZLFC in A list of what works and what doesn't with LSPDFR 0.4. Feel free to add.   
    Disclaimer: I can't guarantee these will work universally across the board, but these are the plugins and callouts that I have working in my game personally. Remember to always make a backup. I am not liable for your broken game.
    Keep in mind to remain grateful as this is a modification we are playing free of charge. We are literally just over 12 hours into 0.4's release, so time is needed for authors to make the proper adjustments to their mods for implementation from 0.3.
    Also, please do not include any visual or audio modifications as these should be irrelevant to the version of LSPDFR being played.
    0.4 Plugins
    Arrest Manager
    Better EMS
    Callout Manager
    Cop Holster
    EUP Menu (Emergency uniforms pack - Serve & Rescue)
    Keep The F****** Door Open
    LSPDFR Computer+
    Police SmartRadio
    Real Police Tape Mod
    Speed Radar Lite
    Spike Strips V
    Stop The Ped
    Traffic Policer
    Ultimate Backup
    0.4 Callouts (install any audio folder manually into GTA V -> lspdfr -> audio -> scanner)
    Assorted Callouts
    CalloutsV (MVA callout seems to crash game once pressing "T")
    Code 3 Callouts
    Code Red Callouts 2.9.7
    PeterUCallouts (some callouts work, some don't)
    Wilderness Callouts
    0.4 Miscellaneous
    Emergency Lighting System
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    Captain Peanut got a reaction from Carrythxd in Your best LSPDFR screenshots?   
    A few more:
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    Captain Peanut reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - Now Available   
    First time playing 0.4?  Check out our new getting started guide for LSPDFR 0.4: https://www.lcpdfr.com/wiki/lspdfr/04/getting-started/
    About a year ago, we announced the development of LSPDFR 0.4.  We said it was big, and we said it was different, but I honestly don't think any of us quite imagined just how big and different it would turn out to be, nor how much of a challenge it would be to take the concepts and ideas that we had and turn them into reality.
    Still, here we are.  Thousands of changes later, we're here.  Everyone on the team is delighted to announce the first public release of LSPDFR 0.4, available now.
    LSPDFR 0.4 brings sweeping changes which have been implemented over a number of years, so much so that we're not able to provide full release notes.  Instead, we've put together a number of resources, new to LSPDFR 0.4, including a 'wiki' and a collection of more in-depth guides.
    Note as well that because of this - the sheer number of things that have changed - there will  be issues.  We've put over two months into testing 0.4, and we've made hundreds of fixes in this time.  Still, there's undoubtedly going to be things that we've missed, or things that simply can't be tested in a controlled environment.  This is a big release, and we wanted to do right by all of you by getting it out as soon as we can.
    With that being said, I'll shut up now and let the mod speak for itself.
    LSPDFR 0.4 Page: https://www.lcpdfr.com/lspdfr
    LSPDFR 0.4 Wiki: https://www.lcpdfr.com/wiki/lspdfr/04
    Note that we strongly recommend installing LSPDFR 0.4 for the first time on a clean copy of Grand Theft Auto V with no other mods or plugins. 
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    Captain Peanut got a reaction from Officer Nolan Cooper in "Never go full retard"   
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    Captain Peanut reacted to Cutepuppy351 in Score music for LSPDFR.   
    Idea for a mod; when the game detects you're in a pursuit why not have it play one of the wanted level scores? it can be a separate toggle-able plugin, it's always something I've thought of when chasing suspects and I thought I would share my thoughts!
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    Captain Peanut got a reaction from Nicpd in Recommendation of Graphic Improvement Mod, realistic   
    Depends on what you want. Natural Vision Remastered looks great around Los Santos but not so great in Blaine County. VisualV looks phenomenal in Blaine County, but it lacks a bit when it comes to realistic vegetation within Los Santos. Both will cost you around 5 fps average compared to vanilla GTA V. I'm currently using both as a combo, although NVR pretty much overrides everything that comes with VisualV. Both are great, it just depends on what you prefer. 
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    Captain Peanut got a reaction from Carrythxd in Your best LSPDFR screenshots?   
    Here are a few of my best LSPDFR screenshots so far:
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    Captain Peanut reacted to danksg in Realistic Dashcam Shootout Footage (LSPD/LAPD)   
    Dude, that was sick! Loved it. Now it just needs John Bunnell to narrate it. 😏
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    Captain Peanut reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience   
    This is the fifth and final part of our LSPDFR 0.4 Preview Series.  Not caught up yet?  Check out the rest of this series here: https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/forum/880-news-updates/
    One of the things we like most about developing new versions of LSPDFR is that with each version we have the opportunity not only to work on major new features, but also the smaller details that our mods have come to be known for over the years.  Of course, 0.4 is no different in this regard and a lot has obviously changed since the early days of LSPDFR, offering us with a bunch of new ways to focus our attention to detail.
    More Realism
    Getting straight to the point, a significant change that we're making in 0.4 relates to how the player is perceived within the game's world.  Now, while this obviously isn't a sexy, new, video-worthy showstopper of a feature, it is nonetheless an important development behind-the-scenes - one that we think, despite its subtlety, will have a positive impact on your gameplay.
    In 0.4, you'll notice that while on duty, other characters within the world will treat and react to you differently.  As GTA V was never a game about being a cop, it's easily understandable that when you quite simplistically do become a cop - while keeping the underlying theme of the game - there's going to be things that don't feel quite right.  You might notice, for example, that other characters within the world are overly aggressive towards you, itching for a fight at the slightest confrontation, or sometimes in the absence of any confrontation at all.  Conversely, the opposite is often true where the most banal or routine encounter can send people hurrying away in abject panic.  Both of these reactions are problematic as people generally don't just spontaneously approach a cop and proceed to cuss them out, nor do they begin hysterically fleeing at the sight of a stun gun. 

    Stun gun hysteria and stampedes no longer, LSPDFR 0.4 introduces more 'contemporary' reactions, like everyone summoning their inner videographer.
    These adjustments to the game's core apply in a number of other cases too, of course.  We thought it was pretty unlikely that the typical reaction to a police officer standing in front of someone's car would be for the driver to flip them off, and then - as if that wasn't enough - to then run them over for good measure.  Likewise, it was always pretty ridiculous that you can't enter another police officer's car as a passenger without them freaking out and thinking that you're trying to steal it.  All of these behaviors have been adjusted, and we think that you'll feel far more like an actual cop within the world - rather than just a retired bank robber dressing up with a badge.
    And yes, while there are a number of mods out there that can help to mitigate many of the scenarios I've described above, they don't really offer a comprehensive and consistent solution simply due to technical restraints.  Our changes are at a much lower level and offer us a higher degree of control on a per-character basis.  This is great for flexibility and performance, and we think you'll really notice the difference when out and about on patrols.
    New Interaction Menu
    Sticking with the topic of small detail, increasing the level of interaction in LSPDFR is something that's very important to us - especially with the new focus on character in LSPDFR 0.4.  Indeed, we previously showed off a number of new interaction options that will be available during vehicle pursuits, but we've also taken the time to make big improvements to the more general Interaction Menu, offering you most of the features currently available in GTA Online, but with an LSPDFR twist.  Among the changes to the Interaction Menu are "quality of life" improvements like being able to quickly waypoint the nearest police station, as well as additions like new dialogue, actions and the ability to set your character's mood.
    Similarly, you can now also change the way that your character walks, but it doesn't quite stop there as in keeping with the general idea we outlined above of making the game feel more suited towards being a cop, there's a special "Cop" walk style that not only makes your character walk around like an officer, but also completely replaces their generic "idle" animations - subtle movements that your character makes while stationary - with more appropriate police styled ones.

    The more feature-complete Interaction Menu in LSPDFR 0.4 enhances your control, allowing for greater immersion.
    Additionally, we've carried over this level of detail to the Police Radio options too, replacing the static animation that currently plays in this menu with a number of different options that can be cycled between instead, including a nifty new LAPD style handheld radio (as well as the option to play no animation at all).  Again, this is a small detail, but we hope that the enhanced level of immersion will be welcomed - especially if playing as an FIB Agent and communicating via an earpiece instead of a shoulder mic, for example.

    New technology in LSPDFR 0.4 produces incredibly lifelike scenes - you can freely move while using the police radio without any animation issues like arms being locked in place, etc.
    Finally, still on the topic of detail, we've topped things off by adding a proper police flashlight to LSPDFR 0.4.  Yes, we know that there's a bunch of ways to use a flashlight currently whether it be the vanilla one that looks like it's straight out of a horror movie, or through other mods which suffer from animation problems, but ours is a little different.
    Already alluded to in the first preview we gave of LSPDFR 0.4, our flashlight is properly held above the head and can be used both by the player and other NPC officers.  It doesn't affect player movement, and you can freely walk, run, sprint, etc. while still holding the light.  If enabled, equipping it is a seamless process too - simply select the flashlight from the weapon wheel and LSPDFR will take care of the rest.

    The new flashlight in LSPDFR 0.4 tops off our efforts to bring more immersion and realism to the mod.
    Ambient Crime
    In our previous post detailing some of the technology behind LSPDFR 0.4, we mentioned that we had added Scenarios to 0.4 - scripted events that could take place during pursuits and traffic stops.  Similarly, we also noted that 0.4 introduces a new Crime System, capable of actually recognizing crimes that take place in the game world and providing functionality for the player to get involved by reporting these.   Expanding upon this idea, we wanted to make sure that we fully realised the ambient world that Grand Theft Auto V provides, and to do this we've manipulated a couple of lesser-used features within the original game.
    In the normal game, the player will sometimes be confronted by other characters within the world as a result of the agitation system built into the game which allows NPCs to insult or shove the player, for example.  In LSPDFR 0.4, as a result of some research by @LMS,  we've now been able to implement the same system, but for NPCs instead.  This means that NPCs can become agitated with each other, begin trading insults, get into angry shouting matches, or eventually, physical confrontations.  Plus, as these are actually 'legitimate' game events, other characters nearby will react appropriately, which also ties in really nicely with the Crime System and provides the player with something other to do than respond to dispatches or pull over vehicles - there's now hopefully much more actually happening within the world and consequently, more things for the player to notice while on patrol.

    Manipulating the game's agitation system results in a much richer world - seen here are two NPCs engaging in a spontaneous confrontation.
    Note that screenshots show LSPDFR player and non-player-characters wearing some outfits from EUP - which is entirely optional - special thanks to @Alex_Ashfold for his collaboration with us and for providing a development copy of EUP 8.0.
    Thanks for reading the preview.  We appreciate your patience as we put the finishing touches on LSPDFR 0.4 and hope to have more news soon.
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    Captain Peanut reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - Pursuits & Intervention   
    This is the fourth part of our LSPDFR 0.4 Preview Series.  Not caught up yet?  Check out the rest of this series here: https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/forum/880-news-updates/
    It's probably the most critical component of the mod, so it follows that with any new version of LSPDFR, you can be pretty confident that the underlying systems which enable police pursuit gameplay will be updated.  LSPDFR 0.4 is, of course, no different in this regard, and following on with the general theme of 0.4's development (which is more less pulling everything out and ripping it to pieces), we've taken the opportunity to revamp much of the pursuit gameplay in the mod.
    As an aside, we had hoped to publish this preview at an earlier date but unfortunately due to both @LMS and myself being away from home, on various different continents in the past month or so this was a little difficult.  Nonetheless, we hope that you enjoy this preview and that it nicely illustrates just a couple of the changes that we've made to pursuits, as alluded to in our last post about AI improvements.
    Pursuit Interaction Menu
    Since LSPDFR 0.3, we've had an Interaction Menu, à la GTA Online, which has, as you would expect, facilitated interaction between you as a player and your character and their job as a cop.  While this is cool and all, there's definitely a number of areas where the interaction in LSPDFR falls a little short, with pursuits being perhaps the most obvious.
    In LCPDFR for GTA IV, there were a couple of toggles available during pursuits - notably the option to force or disable the usage of lethal force.  With 0.4, however, we think we've far surpassed that by introducing a handful of new options which definitely provide more control than ever.  

    The Pursuit Interaction Menu in LSPDFR 0.4 offers advanced controls for the current pursuit, as well as the ability to disengage.
    The cool thing about the new Interaction options for Pursuits is that it ties in nicely with the new customization options introduced in 0.4, and covered earlier in our previews.  So, not only can you define and configure law enforcement agencies to your liking, but you can also carry this through to pursuits too by designating a specific agency to handle the chase.  If, for example, a pursuit that starts in Los Santos crosses multiple jurisdictions then it's entirely probable that you'll end up with a number of agencies joining, which depending on the circumstances and/or your own preferences, might not be so desirable.  With the new Interaction options, you could simply specify that the initiating agency (i.e. the LSPD in this case) handles the pursuit, leaving the other agencies to mind their own business.
    Similarly, there's a lot of other practical usefulness be found in these options: we've brought back the ability to force on/off the usage of lethal force against pursuit suspects, and there's also the ability to enable or disable pursuit intervention tactics (more on these below).
    And of course, for those in search of the ultimate exercise in boredom (I mean, err, realism), then you might find that setting a pursuit into Tracking Mode - where ground units will hang back and follow from a distance, leaving your small air force of helicopters following above to do all the work in true Angeleno fashion - makes you feel so much more at home.
    Pursuit Intervention Techniques
    As alluded to above, LSPDFR 0.4 also introduces a number of changes to the artificial intelligence in pursuits.  Currently, the main tactic employed by NPCs in GTA V during pursuits is to rather aimlessly ram into the back of the suspect vehicle in the unrealistic belief that this is actually going to help end the pursuit.  Of course, this usually just results in the cop crashing into oblivion, and it looks really, really dumb too. 
    So, naturally, one of the coolest new additions to LSPDFR 0.4 is the implementation of a working PIT maneuver:
    Demonstration of NPC officers bringing a pursuit to a safe conclusion through successful usage of the new PIT maneuver in LSPDFR 0.4
    YouTube version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiFFFho3hd0
    As cool as this is, we know that NPCs performing PITs may not be to everyone's taste, and that it may not be suitable in every circumstance, so these can easily be enabled or disabled on-the-fly, during a pursuit, through the Interaction menu by changing the Tactics option.  If pursuit Tactics are disabled, pursuing NPCs will not attempt PIT maneuvers, and they will also shy away from most other advanced tactics, like blocking.

    A closer look at the termination of the pursuit, with the suspects surrendering, after a successful usage of the PIT maneuver.
    Air Support
    Throughout the history of our two mods, air support has always been a touchy subject.  For those of you who played LCPDFR, you will likely still carry with you many terrifying memories of those white and blue flying death machines.  In previous versions of LSPDFR, things generally weren't that much better either - especially when your pilot decides, in a moment of wisdom, that flying through the bridge, rather than over it, is the best course of action.
    With 0.4, we've taken the time to address some of the most frustrating issues with air support, with a particular focus on dramatically increasing both the usefulness, and lifespan, of our helicopters.  Specifically, you'll notice that helicopters in LSPDFR now fly at a much more realistic height and will properly increase or decrease their altitude as the situation requires, such as when a pursuit is passing through a heavily built up area.  They're also far more competent at actually keeping up with the suspects they are pursuing and will do so with a degree of intelligence, rather than just trying to fly directly above them.

    A watchful LSPD air support unit circles overhead, tracking as a suspect attempts to flee on foot.
    Furthermore, we've built in special modes for our air units, giving them the ability not only to follow suspects, but also to conduct searches over wide areas - something which is especially useful when ground units have lost visual, or are attempting to locate a target.
    In addition, our helicopters are also responsive to changes in the conditions of pursuits they follow - such as if a suspect is in a vehicle or not - and will adapt accordingly.  When tracking a suspect on foot, air units won't simply hover above them but will engage in a more realistic flying pattern where the aircraft seeks to maintain continuous movement, while operating varying angles to compensate for possible obstructions like buildings.

    Not a helicopter, but just in case you were wondering what happened to the guy pictured above...

    This, though, definitely is a helicopter.  It's also not flying at street level!
    As always, stay tuned for more news about LSPDFR 0.4 as we progress towards its completion.
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    Captain Peanut reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - Epic Customization   
    This is the second part of our LSPDFR 0.4 Preview Series.  Not caught up yet?  Check out the initial announcement here: https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/81745-lspdfr-04-announcement-first-preview
    With LSPDFR 0.3, we got the ball rolling with backup customization, letting players configure their own backup units, giving players the ability to have four separate agencies in their game, each able to cover a different part of the map.
    Now, back then, this was a pretty cool system - car mods weren't even a thing when we released LSPDFR 0.1, and even by 0.3, the modding scene was nowhere near as massive as it is now.   Obviously, there's a whole lot more available to players in terms of content now, especially with popular mods like RDE and EUP which add multiple new ped models, vehicle models, and even entire police agencies.  As such, we wanted to find a way to bring these in to LSPDFR.
    So, forget just rolling the ball.  With 0.4, we're hoping to hit it clean out of the park...

    LSPDFR 0.4 gives you the ability to add your own custom law enforcement agencies, each with their own officers, outfits, inventories, vehicles, police stations and patrol areas. 
    Custom Agencies
    One of the coolest new capabilities in 0.4 is our new approach to dealing with the various police agencies in the game.  LSPDFR has always had a collection of pre-defined agencies, and you've been able to choose from them while going on-duty and you've seen them respond as backup units, but you've never really been able to properly configure them to your liking.  Perhaps you've always wanted to set up Rockford Hills as an independent city with its own department, or maybe you've longed for the full, authentic Southern Californian experience of having way, way more cops than you could ever know what to do with?
    LSPDFR 0.4 now gives you complete control over every agency in the game that we've already added (so the defaults that you're familiar with since 0.1, like the LSPD), but it also lets you define entirely new ones too.
    The possibilities of this system are extensive: you can even have multiple agencies assigned to share one jurisdiction, and there's no pre-set limits for how many different agencies you can add.
    Patrol Areas
    Of course, what good are a bunch of custom agencies if you don't actually see them?  0.4 also expands on our existing backup customization capabilities, now letting you define your own patrol areas.  With this system, you can assign any number of agencies to a particular zone in the game (like Strawberry or Del Perro), and you can combine these areas together into wider groups which can be used in-place of individual zones, making things much easier to manage.
    Likewise, in LSPDFR 0.3, it was called Backup Customization for a reason - the only time you'd really see any of your customizations was when calling for backup.  Again, this has been revamped in 0.4, and similarly, we're calling them Patrol Areas for good reason too.  You'll now see your agencies actually patrolling in their designated areas.

    Kiss goodbye to pesky data file edits - LSPDFR 0.4 actually puts cops on the beat.  And not just any cops... your cops!
    Police Stations
    In light of the way in which we approach police agencies and backup areas, we've also taken the time to rework the various police stations in LSPDFR.  Now, in 0.4, each police station is also configurable, and in similar fashion to Agencies and Patrol Areas, this system is also fully expandable, meaning you can define your own police stations too.
    Aside from the various options like choosing where vehicles will spawn, you can also choose which agency each station belongs to and LSPDFR will configure things accordingly so that you'll actually see vehicles and officers belonging to the specific agency situated around it.
    This system is pretty powerful in its own right as well, to the extent that even if you defined a police station at a random office building, you'd still see parked cars outside belonging to the agency.  Plus, there's also extensive customization options for this too, meaning that you could choose a very specific vehicle model (like a special car with a recruitment livery) to be visible outside a specific police station, without it ever being used as part of the core backup system (i.e. you wouldn't have recruitment vehicles arriving at shots fired).

    The Davis Sheriff's Station, all grown up...  It looks a lot better now with the right people outside! 
    Outfits & Inventories
    For the first time, 0.4 also introduces full support for multiplayer freemode characters (like those that you'll be familiar with from EUP), meaning that not only can you now play as a custom character in LSPDFR (through our new Character systems, which we'll talk about later), but you can also make it so that all the cops around don't look like clones anymore too!
    If you add freemode characters to your Agency definitions, LSPDFR will automatically handle all of the nuances that they typically bring, generating everything from unique faces to head overlays and props.
    And, to top things off - we've included a comprehensive system for managing outfits for multiplayer characters, meaning that LSPDFR 0.4 is fully compatible with EUP, both for player characters and non-player characters.  With this, adding all of your favorite custom outfits is a breeze and there's also support for templating - meaning that you can define one complete outfit as a template, which can then be used as a base for other similar outfits - like having the same uniform with both short sleeves and long sleeves.
    It doesn't stop there, either, because we've also included support for each Agency (and for each different type of officer within that agency) to have their own Inventories too - this handles everything relating to weapons, including attachments, and also supports the MK 2 weapons added in recent GTA Online updates, like pistols with hollow-point ammunition.
    Putting it all together
    We've really gone the extra mile in making sure that all of these systems join together, forming what we think is one amazingly powerful platform which will give everyone the freedom to play LSPDFR exactly as they like, with as much or as little additional content as they desire. 
    To give just one example, there's been a lot of thought into the structure behind this, and we've devised a system similar to that of the 'mods' folder in OpenIV, meaning that in most cases all of your customizations will be seamlessly merged together, eliminating the burden that comes with maintaining huge XML files that contain everything and drastically simplifying the process of installing customizations made by others.
    There's a lot of great mods out there already like Custom Backup by @PNWParksFan, Emergency Uniforms Pack by @Alex_Ashfold, and Realism Dispatch Enhanced by @dilapidated that have done a fantastic job in demonstrating the potential that GTA V has for adding new content and giving players much greater control of their games, and we're really excited to be taking things to a whole new level in 0.4.
    Finally, I'd like to say a special thanks to @SuperStumpje from the RDE team for his efforts behind the scenes in helping to refine many of the features shown above.
    We hope that you're all as excited about LSPDFR 0.4 as we are, and we're looking forward to sharing more about 0.4 soon!

    Customizations to LSPDFR are still made using simple XML files, and can also be split-up and neatly arranged on a per-agency basis.

    No smart captions here - we just thought this looked cool ;]
    Note that many of the pictures shown in this post contain a number of vehicle and character modifications (mainly EUP), simply to demonstrate their compatibility with 0.4.
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    Captain Peanut reacted to FKDZ in GTA V & LSPDFR Too Easy?   
    I had the same, but there are some awesome mods to make it harder, especially a mod called InjuredRagdoll, this makes you ragdoll when shot (at first glance it sounds really annoying but its really not). It's extremely customizable, I have it so when I have body armor on I don't ragdoll, but without it, I do. I have it set to a second of ragdolling so if I get hit can't just keep aiming perfectly and keep shooting making getting behind cover essential.
    Secondly I use Weapon_Recoil with as it says, adds recoil to weapons, I wish it was even more extreme but it works really well when  you also don't use a reticle:
    Here are both mods: 
    Also I use this which you can configure so that NPC's don't ragdoll when they have body armor: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/npc-ragdoll-tweaks
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    Captain Peanut reacted to willpv23 in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    You're really overestimating how much thought goes into our release dates, lol...
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    Captain Peanut got a reaction from APD657 in GTA Crashing with new update   
    I don't know if you are talking about the same issue that I had a while ago where the game would crash as soon as GTA V started to load - but if so, then try to temporarily disable your antivirus and make sure that Rage Plugin Hook is set to launch in "Forced Widowed Mode". If you are using AVG, then I'm almost certain that this will solve the problem for you. 
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    Captain Peanut reacted to Lee10 in Ford has revealed the new 2020 Ford Explorer   
    My thoughts on this? I don't know, I want to wait and see, because when the 2016 version was revealed, I instantly hated it, now I love it and use it all the time in my game. 

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    Captain Peanut reacted to Lee10 in Gallery no longer has the arrow button   
    It's a small bug, but previously, I could click on a image and click the arrow button to look at some other images posted by the author, now I have to exit and click on each image individually. Hope this gets fixed. 
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    Captain Peanut got a reaction from elispd in What is the best graphic mod as of now?   
    I'm actually using both at the moment but Natural Vision pretty much overrides everything that comes with VisualV. Very little trail of VisualV left in my game. Have a look at some of the comparison videos on Youtube or have a look at some of my GTA V screenshots. Those in the city are pretty much all taken using Natural Vision and those from Blaine County are shot using VisualV. Performance wise there is no difference between the two or even using both as a combo. 
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    Captain Peanut got a reaction from syh557 in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    Look, the easiest way overcome the wait is to just assume that's it's getting delayed until late next month. That way you can only get pleasantly surprised - unless they delay it 2 months of course, but I find that to be very unlikely. 
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    Captain Peanut got a reaction from LukaszB in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    No. If that was the case, we would all be playing it already. The developers are smart and won't release anything before it's fully ready and fine-tuned to work as smoothly as possible. There will of course be bugs and issues no matter how much time they take to test it before the release, but they obviously want to keep it to a minimum. Be happy that they don't just throw out a half-finished mess devoid of new features. It will release when the devs feel it's ready. Give them time. 
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