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  1. I fixed the issue for the tailights. Just download this and replace the the second file in the ytd. Also gives you orange turn signals that I added in. Also here's a picture in game from a session I had online with a couple people.
  2. Odd since it doesn't do it to me with the original 99 Vic model so I have no idea lol.
  3. Legitimately the only issue: The wheels disappear at a distance.
  4. flyer2359

    Ford Crown CVPI LAPD/LSPD Skin for Whelen model

    Author probably just had to fix a couple of issues with the model, otherwise I don't really see a reason why he took it down.
  5. flyer2359

    Check out ELS for V!

    I know. I was just saying in a way it just sucks in a way since 90% of the cars released will end up being ELS only.
  6. flyer2359

    Check out ELS for V!

    I like it but idk, I really don't have any issues with the in game lights at the moment. In a way it almost sucks because now every car released will be for ELS.
  7. flyer2359

    Whelen Liberty CVPI WIP3

    Love it!
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Texture was originally made for my police clan and I was happy with how it turned out so I figured I'd release it here as well. Download the 1999 CVPI model here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/1999-ford-crown-victoria-police Installation instructions: open up your police.ytd (or wherever you installed the '99 CVPI) in edit mode and replace the police sign files.
  9. chargers aren't upgrades lol. My loal PD just dumped their barely one year rokd chargers due to lack of reliability and size.
  10. flyer2359

    Robbery- On Scene

    On scene of an armed robbery.
  11. flyer2359

    Looking Good

    Getting ready for patrol.
  12. flyer2359

    GTA V Modded Vehicles

    Just wanted to let everybody know that I tried using the CVPI online with my friend with 0 crashes. He didn't have the CVPI installed but I did and experienced 0 issues, so I'd say it's safe to use CVPIs and stuff online at your own risk if you feel like it.
  13. flyer2359

    Granger Default-Type

    once the crash bug gets fixed, it'll be perfect!
  14. flyer2359

    [SOLVED]Car mod not showing up

    Yup nevermind, I screwed up the install. Working now lol. I thought all of the cars went into the same vehicles.rpf file. My bad. Thanks!
  15. flyer2359

    Election 2016

    The US election is a joke. On the republican side you have Trump who's proposed plans have been proven to fail consistently and then you have bought out politicians for the rest of them. Then on the Democratic side (which is basically like the Republicans of the 1980s as far as a political standpoint goes), you have bought out politicians and then Bernie Sanders who actually wants to go after big banks, etc and get money out of politics. Basically unless if Bernie wins, the US is screwed as Celery Clinton is paid off by big banks and corporations as well as the rest of the republican field.