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    (ELS) 2014 SSPD K-9 Tahoe W/Prisoner Transport

    Why should I or anybody pay money over a decent model when I could get this excellent model and other models by @Gump for free?!?! Good shit my dood!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    And finally here is that 2015 Charger PPV you the community has been needing. Enjoy. Bugs: Gauge's are inaccurately calibrated, I expect you could rely on the good ole SNT Speedometer in the upper right like in IV Notes: Model is over 80,000. This is mostly due to the interior. Stock plates are removable. Just delete the plates in polygon mode by material selecting "vehicle_genericmud_car" material DO NOT USE POLICE2's HANDLING LINE! Unlocked for developmental usage, give credits as always As accurate as possible to the 2015 model year Updates might come in the near future If I missed a credit, missed something, or whatever please contact me anytime and I'll be happy to fix or resolve whatever the problem may be with cooperation.
  3. OfficerUnderwood

    [DEV] 2015 Dodge Charger Police Pursuit Vehicle

    If it's anything about this DEV. Don't use mine. Go use this one https://www.modding-forum.com/forums/thread/189-2018-dodge-charger-pursuit-dev-awd-package-added-1-2a/
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen. I have started this thread due to the status updates unfortunately being disabled due to the recent uproar and I've been want to do something like such recently. From here you will see development models that will be released unlocked for the public to see. Yes I repeat the models showcased here are to be released UNLOCKED. There are rules to this thread that are very simple and basic. 1. Do not ask to be a tester (Gump and ljcrary are the only people permitted) 2. Do not ask for the models ahead of time. I could care less if you're GTAxB0SS, Carper, Him1250, BxBugs123, or anyone else. Everyone gets the model at the same time. (May get updated) Here is a DEV list of models Released: In Development: 2015 Chevy Tahoe 2018 Ford F-150 On Hold: 2013 Chevy Caprice 2010 Dodge Charger Planned: 2013 Ford F-150 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500
  5. OfficerUnderwood

    [DEV] 2014 Chevy Tahoe PPV - Remastered

    Version Yee Yee Oof


    Here it is! A remaster after 2 years. Stop using my 2 year old model. Use this one. It's much better and does the Tahoe justice. Oh and the gauges are still mapped to GenTaxi. So figure it out. I don't really use the gauge. It's a useless luxary that can't get the speed right on custom models. - 2007 Tahoe by someone on 3dCadBrowser - Modifed into 2014 and converted to GTA V by OfficerUnderwood - Interior by ShadyDK14, fitted by Peralta, edited by Peralta and OfficerUnderwood with parts by Ubisoft - Light textures by Peralta - Mirrors & door handles by Ubisoft, fitted by Peralta - Center area, steering wheel, door arm rests, & seats by Ubisoft, edited by OfficerUnderwood. - Wheels by BxBugs123, Tire texture by EVI.
  6. Version 1.0.Oof


    0o0o0o0o0 I released a actual model 0o0o0o0o0 Here it is a slicktop with lights on it and a bunch of different skins like HEAT, DUI Enforcement, Traffic Enforcement, & Unmarked. Plus it reflects 0o0o0o. Also if you're buying or selling glued together models. You're wrong and stupid. Credits!
  7. Fun fact: This Tahoe got gang banged harder than Piper Perri did by those 5 black dudes. One side of the vehicle somehow is shift beyond repair. This is the first time the original model is better than the edit. God save the Tahoe.
  8. Fixing up this piece of shit because it got fucked it in the ass too damn much. Replacing some of the shit with stuff from Carface's. Not smart enough to do a Suburban to Tahoe conversion like GeorgieMoon or I would.
  9. OfficerUnderwood

    LCPD Valor Pack

    Version 2.5


    I release today a set of cars featuring the Federal Signal Valor lightbar. These cars are based off of Kygo/Tim98(at the time)'s Valor pack which was never released but featured in the videos of Code Zero in the .95 MP days. These use Code Zero's skin which I have permission to release with the cars, proof is in the credits on this page & the credits.txt. This pack will be updated at times in the next few weeks or days to add new vehicles. NOTES: 1. DO NOT ASK ME TO MAKE A CAPRICE OR GIVE YOU THE MODEL AS THAT IS A AUTOMATIC NO!! 2. DO NOT UPLOAD OR REUPLOAD TO ANY SITES, Only uploaded by me to LCPDFR.com, GTAPoliceMods.com, & GTA-Mod-Center.com 3. DO NOT ASK ME FOR ANY UNLOCK PARTS AS I FOUND THEM JUST LIKE ANY PERSON ON A WEBSITE
  10. OfficerUnderwood

    2014 Chevy Tahoe PPV - Blaine County Sheriff Slicktop

    Thank ya and sorry I couldn't help you. I honestly was dumbfounded about it.
  11. OfficerUnderwood

    2014 Chevy Tahoe PPV - Blaine County Sheriff Slicktop

    I don't know what to tell you guy. I just make the model. Import it and it works. Play with it. Send it to the testers and get a green light. And release.
  12. OfficerUnderwood

    2014 Chevy Tahoe PPV - Blaine County Sheriff Slicktop

    Oof. Bad import. Can't really tell you much. Testers didn't have issues.
  13. OfficerUnderwood

    2014 Chevy Tahoe PPV - Blaine County Sheriff Slicktop

    Looks like a bad import Can't help you. I know nothing of how FiveM works and the spotlight doesn't move around... I don't even think that's possible.
  14. Fixing this up and releasing it. Needs ton of work. Got the polys down from 290k something to round 230k just removing the 3d logo, headlights, tailights, & radiator. No telling what's going on in the interior.
  15. OfficerUnderwood

    2014 Chevy Tahoe PPV - Blaine County Sheriff Slicktop

    Send some pictures? All I can tell ya is look around the forums. There's something in there. fuckinglights.png (Literally that's the name)
  16. OfficerUnderwood

    2014 Chevy Tahoe PPV - Blaine County Sheriff Slicktop

    Fuck! You right! Gimme a second. It's been a couple of years.
  17. OfficerUnderwood

    2014 Chevy Tahoe PPV - Blaine County Sheriff Slicktop

    Well there is this but some of the lights are backwards with the red and blue. Such as the mirror lights, tir3s, & tail lamps. This was specifically meant for all blue but was going for red and blue compatibility early in development.
  18. OfficerUnderwood

    Family Guy sheriff Caprice

    @East Coast Design Because fuck it guy. At least he's spicing it up. 10/5 IGN my dood! Gonna do some drug interdiction with this!
  19. OfficerUnderwood

    CHP Polar Bear

    At least he's got almost 6 years on his belt unlike your 1 year releasing nothing but skins as of today. Until you have a life, get busy with shit, develop some skills, and years under your belt like Sentinel here . You got no room to talk like a little dipstick on this website to a respectable modder who has released more and done more for this community than you. Hell this guy gave me a interior from DriverSF in the IV days when I was nothing and barely knew anything. By that act he was one of the encouragements that got me into modeling. The fact he confronted you and you reacted like a dipstick Marine told about when the Army does something better than them and was like "WeLCum 2 Mey HaTe... I mEn IgNor LeSt". Proves you're toxic for this community. Get daddy up on son. Anyways me and a buddy thought the rambar and side lights were funky but lookin' at pics you nailed that. California does some weird stuff considering were from Bama. Hope life is treating you well my dood. And sorry for getting ticked off on your picture. Just can't let that stuff slide even if it means a warning point or a 0o0o0o0o ban from the admins because they can't daddy up on these punks.
  20. OfficerUnderwood

    [DEV] 2014 Chevy Tahoe PPV - Remastered

    What happens when you use this?
  21. OfficerUnderwood

    Caution:Hot Contents

    Wow Gump added a lightbar on his K9 Tahoe's... that's a first.