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    Teekay got a reaction from Flashback in MDT/MDC LSPDFR   
    Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for LSPDFR.  I think it's going to be epic!!  Thanks Flashback!
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    Teekay reacted to rmiers in REQUEST IF POSSIBLE FiveM Radar Script for Single Player   
    The following picture and link are for a FiveM radar script that I seen on youtube.  I have contacted the creator on the link and have not had any response.  I was wondering if something similar could be created for single player.  ADMINS and MODS, if not allowed, I completely understand.

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    Teekay reacted to Phaxol in [WIP] Interaction+ | Suspect Observation | Field Sobriety Test | More!   
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    Teekay reacted to Exemplification in [WIP] Interaction+ | Suspect Observation | Field Sobriety Test | More!   
    I love it! I am Beta testing this and it has been nothing but a NEEDED plugin for me! I can't wait to have this in my game forever!
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    Teekay reacted to BejoIjo in Computer+ Reloaded   
    I'm writing this just wanting to know your opinion about my plan.
    I have been using Computer+ plugin by @PieRGud and enjoying it very much.
    But there are still some improvements that could be made.
    It's very fortunate that @PieRGud is very generous to share the C+ source code on Github.
    So, I decided to fork it and made some improvement on it.
    Here is the the list of those improvements:
    replace SQLite with LiteDB to make it more lightweight and stable previous arrest report & citation will be displayed when viewing ped/vehicle info (without crashing) generate random past traffic citations & arrest reports for ped to improve gameplay reactivated traffic citation history reactivated arrest report history reactivated most recent action list on main window added wanted reason info when ped is wanted added driver license expiration days info (random) made ped & vehicle persistent during C+ session to avoid crashes (they will be freed when Computer+ exit) saving newly created arrest report or citation will also close the window for better UX vehicle type will be showed correctly when viewing the citation history records fixed "give ticket" animation. now the ticket should disappear in the right time fixed incorrect time data source on arrest report view added various checking and handling to prevent potential crashes.  
    I'm very excited to make those improvements and I have pushed my codes to the main C+ repository, but it seems the author is very busy and it's still pending merge and release.
    I'm just wondering. Can I just release my improvement by following the license guideance on Computer+ source code?
    Based the C+ repository license page, the license is GNU v3, https://tldrlegal.com/license/gnu-general-public-license-v3-(gpl-3)
    So, according to that license, I might distribute any modifications on Computer+, as long as I follow the license guidance. (CMIIW)
    But, I'm still in doubt whether to do it or not. I would like to know your opinion regarding this matter.
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    Teekay reacted to Walters in Locking Jail Cell?   
    If this could be implemented into LSPDFR it would be nice because there are a few times I would bring in a person, put them in the cell. I leave and when I get to the first door I look behind me and see that the guy is out of the cell walking to the exit.
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    Teekay reacted to lovkal in Better Pursuits?   
    This will be fixed in 0.4
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    Teekay reacted to willrs in Moving Spotlights on Models?   
    I could think of two possibilities. One is that if I spotlight is given a certain name, etc in zmodeler that a script would be able to recognize it and manipulate it (idk anything about scripting though). The second is some "native" way that would somehow play off of things in the default game like the water cannon on the firetruck being able to move around.
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    Teekay reacted to alexguirre in [WIP] Vehicle Gadgets+   
    This is a new plugin I'm working on. It aims to expand the functionality of new vehicles, in a centralized manner, so, hopefully, you won't end up needing a different plugin/script for each function vehicle models authors want to implement in their models.
    Currently, the vehicles are configured via XML files, alongside the changes needed in the model itself. So, no, it doesn't support already released models.
    Current Gadgets
    Ladder Outriggers Radar  
    Implement collisions, so, for example, you can climb up the ladder. Add more gadgets.  
    Firetruck shown in the videos: MTL Botlle Nose Ladder 15EX Truck by @GlitchGamer
    Any vehicle developer interested on implementing this plugin, with the current gadgets or with an idea for a new gadget, can contact me to discuss the implementation details, or if the gadget idea is possible.
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    Teekay reacted to OfficerBenzo in EUP Patches Missing?   
    This is interesting.  I never thought about the concept of being offline or online.  I do play the game online and sometimes offline for single player.  Meaning of course being with Steam is what I mean.  I will see if I can recreate this problem. 
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    Teekay got a reaction from OfficerBenzo in EUP Patches Missing?   
    You're right man, they show perfectly fine when I don't block my game from going online.  Interesting... I wonder if there is a way around this issue?
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    Teekay reacted to PB420 in Alternative to Computer Plus   
    also being from vancouver i appreciate this thank you 
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    Teekay reacted to TheOken in LSPDFR or other plugins crashing when opening the ped tab in computer plus.   
    I solved it, but it disables Ped Persistence which is quite annoying. It makes it so dead peds despawn. I solved it by turning off Ped Persistence in the INI file. Trying to find a better solution.
    Do you know a good replace for Entiy Persistence?
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    Teekay reacted to NYFinest in EUP Patches Missing?   
    I had the same problem, then I realized when I was in offline mode so the game does not update. It some how prevents the patches from showing up and when I have offline mode off, the patches reappear. If you are playing in offline mode they are not going to show. Hope this helps!
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    Teekay got a reaction from andreacesa in Crash!! [SOLVED]   
    Solved? Good luck getting help from people when you title your post, "SOLVED" when all you've included is your question. 
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    Teekay got a reaction from pcGAMEZguy in Cannot force duty a second time after LSPDFR plugin crashes   
    I will try this for sure.  Thank you and I'll let you know!
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    Teekay got a reaction from pcGAMEZguy in Crash!! [SOLVED]   
    Solved? Good luck getting help from people when you title your post, "SOLVED" when all you've included is your question. 
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    Teekay reacted to Flashback in Mdt/mdc [Released]   
    Game integration has always been a thought and goal of mine especially with the success of the LCPDFR MDT system.  Unfortunately, due to work and life responsibilities I have not been able to properly devote the amount of time towards the project and learning how to integrate it. Although, I do not have the time now to do so I still would not take it off the table as to doing something with it in-game in the future. 
    I originally developed this MDT system for myself, I never thought about "sharing" it with the world/community.  I was very moved by the usage and continued usage of the older system LCPDFRHQ for GTA IV and I greatly appreciate the support and feedback and push for another installment for GTA V.
    I have started developing a GTA V system but again have fallen short on time to devote to it.  I would never want to let you guys down because you are an awesome community so I will get something out at some point, I promise.  If you have not noticed I try to make sure things are perfect, which can also lead me to take much longer if I do not get it right the first time (in my opinion).   As development has been slowed the ideas and thoughts have not stopped flowing.  This is bigger than just the GTA V and IV communities, I am looking into providing a future for those communities and a place to enhance the social and community aspects of the roleplaying community.
    I always look forward to hearing from the community and you can openly send me DM with questions, comments, and concerns.  Thanks RMIERS and the rest of the community for the support.
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    Teekay reacted to Flashback in MDT/MDC LSPDFR   
    I really wish I did not even put a date into the last post and ashamed to see that the last time I posted about the topic was October 2016.  Here we are in June 2018 and still not released is the LSPDFR cad community.  As mentioned above the agenda of real-life and unforeseen circumstances have taken its toll over the last year and a half.  HOWEVER, I am still looking to develop and release the next version as soon as I deem it complete.
    I recently read a post from the LCPDFR staff regarding the development of LSPDFR 0.4 and they could not have said it better.  Taking a step back, a deep breath, and taking some time to think about the direction was exactly where I was at with this project.  I believe (based on user feedback) I have already provided the role-playing community with some realistic and interactive tools to transform their experiences.  At this point in time, I feel as if I found a new direction to travel to further provide a high-end immersive product for the role-playing communities.  The next step in this project will be universal, scalable, and customizable.  It will have the support of multiple users (clan-based/role-play community) a feature that I had promised since 2014 (sadly so it has taken some time), a powerful yet affordable alternative option for role-playing communities to not only utilize in playing the game but also in management of their respective groups (clans/communities/departments), further expand single player interface that will allow more interaction between solo users to still feel and interact with the overall role-play community, and finally it will have a cross-platform link between all emergency service/first responder units police, fire, and ems.
    Thank you all again for continued support, I have recently decided to post a response to this topic after I received a notification that there was a post on the previous MDT/MDC post in the LCPDFR page for GTA IV.  Stay safe and thanks again!!
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    Teekay reacted to BlueLineBacker in [Showcase] Fully Functional Game with nearly all plugins/scripts   
    Written By  - GTALawEnforcer
                                                                                 ULTIMATE LSPDFR Installation ( NEARLY ALL SCRIPTS/PLUGINS - Running Without Issue ) 
                                                                                                                                                    160+ Callouts Via Callout Plugins
                                                                                                                                               Nearly All Scripts/Plugins Available From This Site
                                                                                                                                                Photo Realistic Graphics Overhaul w/ NVR
                                                                                                                                                Still a playable and enjoyable FPS
    So, i spent a solid 600 hours on GTAIV, and most of it was for LCPDFR. I played it for years on end, and as i watched GTA V's release and beat it on my friends Xbox i patiently awaited its PC release. Sure enough when it came out i waited, and monitored this beloved forum for my favorite mod, coming to it's next title game. I officially bought GTA V and starting playing LSPDFR probably three or so months ago. I have over 300 hours play time already, although a lot was spent troubleshooting obviously. I am kind of a perfectionist and obsessive with the Callout Plugins and Modifications. I want to have it all. But we all know you can't have " it all " and still have game functionality and solid or even playable FPS. Note the method following has been tested by albotroubleshooter with no issues.

    What i have done, is spent so many countless hours troubleshooting, reinstalling and trying again..-..but i have nearly mastered it. I refused to play the game with just a few plugins, they loop over and over and replay-ability and enjoyment is limited with the less plugins you have. I refused to give up, and now i have a functional LSPDFR modded GTA V, in which has over 160+ callouts and probably 60+ Plugins and Scripts and callout packs. THE CATCH?! - I DO NOT USE ANY VEHICLE OR WEAPON TEXTURE MODIFICATIONS. That is the main reason my FPS has not almost dipped into unplayable. I constantly see people having issues with playing with a lot of plugins, and merely want to share my experience. If you have a Good/Great gaming rig, there is no reason with the proper installation techniques and patience you can play LSPDFR with every plugin enabled, running at an even higher FPS than my feeble 20-30. I know people say albos mods slow things down, and there are too many compatibility issues to worry about when you surpass 10+ plugins...-..but trust me. It's plausible and doable. If my old crappy AMD rig can run with all these scripts and plugins and callout packs at it's decrepit barely functional blue screening old age, SO CAN YOURS!. 
    Alas, i have found my own person solution. I have a OLD build, that is half my old parts and half from a friends old PC after he upgraded. Specifications below. I almost exclusively bought and made this thing for LSPDFR, since my old rig could not run it. Specs below, before we delve into the LSPDFR situation. In total this was a 280$ gaming PC, since i was given a lot of good salvage parts from a friend. Goes to show you don't need much to get going in GTA V's LSPDFR.

    Gigabye Full Tower Case Logitech HD Webcam C270 Samsung TV ( NOT monitor - Runs 1330 x 900 Max )  16GB DDR3 memory ( old i know )  1TB Wester Digital Drive (NOT SSD) Processor - AMD FX 8350 ( 8CORE) VGA - AMD Radeon R9 200 series ( So old, under $100 now)  
    Weak, 4-6 year old out of date gaming rig , right?. Hell i do not even have a monitor with 1920x1080 output. Yet you are going to be baffled how i somehow get a playable 30+ FPS or higher with the insane amount of plugins and scripts i have. I personally believe the key to my weak system being able to handle even this intense of a load of plugins is primarily because i use NO weapon or Vehicle texture replacements. My only changes are through RAGE scripts and plugins alone. A few Open IV package installers aside from that. Also have NVM and still somehow manage to keep all these plugins going at once with minimal rare crashes. Below you will see the following in order.
    - My Root Folder, from top to bottom.
    - My Scripts Folder
    - The Plugins Folder
    - The LSPDFR Plugins folder within said previous plugin folder
    - LSPDFR Radio files and folders

    GTA V Root Folder : https://imgur.com/a/GwG6ynV
    GTA V Scripts Folder : https://imgur.com/a/5JMM76r
    GTA V Plugins Folder : https://imgur.com/a/lcylWbo
    GTA V - Plugins - LSPDFR Plugins : https://imgur.com/a/Qsr6SC2
    LSPDFR - Police Scanner : https://imgur.com/a/K12g7q4
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    Teekay reacted to Ezra in LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview   
    I completely understand where you're coming from on this.  The thing is, though, if we restricted uploaded mods to just good quality ones, we'd rarely have any new submissions.  A huge part of communities like LCPDFR is to help people who are interested in development get the tools and understanding they need to start.  These folks also need to be able to get proper testing of their mods, and the best way to do that is utilizing the community.  Let them download your stuff and give feedback.  I'm sure it has been mentioned internally before about making a list of top quality mods, or must have mods.  As you mentioned, we did come out with essential mods, and that's all we're willing to do.  We don't play favorites in terms of mods that are showcased, or mods that are essential, but we don't want users to try and claim that if their mod isn't featured or recommended as a must-have. The current essential mods are just that, essential and ones that significantly enhance the gameplay.
    If an INI is difficult or not properly made, you can always include that in your file review rating and file review.  For the most part, I haven't seen an INI that was beyond hideous and hard to use. 
    You're welcome. :)
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    Teekay reacted to XxExoticCopxX in LSPDFR Pull-Over results in extreme frame drop   
    Hi there and thanks for helping out!
    I recently reinstalled GTAV from scratch and installed everything like I normally would and no problems would arise. However, lately everytime I initiate a traffic stop, when i walk up next to the car, my game frame rate instantly drops to 30 flat. As soon as I walk back to my car, frames regain to their normal numbers. Doesn't matter when and where the traffic stop is at. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Teekay reacted to gold7800 CCSO* in [REL | WIP] LSPDFR Computer+   
    Hey just experienced a crash while finalizing a traffic citation. This has happened on more than one occasion but i only have the log for this last occurrence.  Ill attach the RPH log and the crash report. Thanks for the hard work man.
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    Teekay reacted to Fiskey111 in [WIP] L.S. Noir   
    Today I would like to showcase my newest callout pack I'm working on:

    Current Update:
    It's been at least 3 months since my last update and I've made a lot of improvement!  Here's a quick list of what's included now:
    Stages spanning over sessions Security Camera footage of crime scene (if available) Interrogation methods fully implemented Dialog method implemented Rewriting of last three stages + new stage for requesting warrant Social media page for victim with real-time information Final stage changed to swat raid of location And many, many bug fixes!  
    Want to be a part of the beta?  Check out the information here at fiskey111mods.com!

    Expect a video made by Darkmyre soon!!!
    Previous updates:

    This pack will feature at its release three callouts:
    1. Murder
    2. Sexual Assault
    3. A secret....
    The aim of this pack is to bring detective style policing to Los Santos.
    These callouts will be in depth -- requiring skills that a real police officer uses like attention to detail, questioning of suspects and determining if they are lying or not, and waiting for information (callouts will span over time and will reappear later on and continue from where they left off).
    I will be working with @Albo1125 (most likely) later on in the development (once he gets more freetime, haha) to incorporate some ideas he had as well.
    Current Status:
    -Murder: 5%
    -Sexual Assault: 95%
    -Secret: 0%
    I will continue updating this page as development continues!
    Thank you everyone for your support!

    Interested in seeing more information?

    Want to see more information? Pictures? Videos? Check out my site here!!
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    Teekay reacted to Maurice97 in Check out ELS for V!   
    beauty <3
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