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  1. Wondering if there is a way to set different vehicles as the coroner unit in different map regions. I would love to have one vehicle model as the coroner unit for the city and a different model for the counties.
  2. Is there a list of possible entries for the peds metadata? I have been scrolling through the many in the DLC .meta's but I wanted to know if anyone made a repository yet. If not I may upload what I have.
    This is a must-have. The realism is really improved with this. You will find you want to stay on scene to watch the situation evolve. The script is effective and reliable out of the box, and the configuration options allow more experienced users to get more out of it. The script tells you what it is doing without interfering with the game. The animations are a big improvement on game defaults. There is lots of support with other plugins. Thanks for making a great mod.
  3. Hey, Love your mod, sorry if I waste your time. I am trying to use your mod to make 5 different units show up to one fire/medical call. My objective is to make anything that happens at the airport result in tons of emergency vehicles responding. I tried to change your EMSunits.xml file to include several units, and make all of their chances =100. It seems like something restricts a max of one ambulance and one firetruck per response. Is this your mod? Is this dispatch.meta? Also is it possible to control spawned vehicles liveries? Once again, love this mod, it is essential and it always runs well for me.
  4. Hey @OJdoesIt Thanks again for the great mod. After adding this to my game, I also had trouble calling up the menu on a normal non-callout pullover of a random car. I read around and tried a few things. Initially I accidentally left the default bind, which interferes for me with Traffic Policer - Follow Me. I changed the binding but the menu still did not appear. I mashed the keys (for me CTRL + M) and eventually the menu would pop up. However on occasion, the Traffic Policer - Custom Pullover Location feature (for me CTRL + W) would pop up. I don't know why this happens. I have looked over the keybindings and they are not the same. I have found that if I press my menu keys (CTRL + M) as close to the same time as I can, it will pull up the menu without problems. The approach suspect feature works with no problems. If you want any logs, let me know! All around great job and the community appreciates what you've done so far!
    Great concept, great integration with the Rage UI, awesome to allow it to work with Police Smart Radio, easy to use .INI. AI police units interact well. Thanks for your hard work.
  5. Thanks for the quick replies. I will give it a shot with BeforeCalloutDisplayed and post an update... I was just not sure if it would have a conflict playing audio (either overlapping with the callout audio or a delay) and it seemed more logical to call a function on the trigger of 'before the dispatch audio plays' as opposed to 'before you display the callout' but I will let you know! Thanks @fiskey111 & @Albo1125
  6. Hey all. Love the great work contributed by so many. Just hoping for some guidance. I am making a script to play an audio file of mine before the audio file requested by any given callout script would play. I need help though. Is there any function that would help me do this? I'm thinking something on the lines of 'OnBeforeFunction'. My guess as to how it would appear: OnBeforeCalloutDisplayed() - check if callout is in my list of what would be an emergency dispatch transmission. OnBeforePlayScannerAudioUsingPosition - PlayScannerAudio("MY FILE THAT I PUT THE ALARM IN") My vision is that when we have a callout like an officer shot, the dispatcher makes an emergency transmission on the radio. It would be an alarm tone followed by the dispatcher advising all units to respond immediately. Initially, I thought to edit the relevant audio files, however the range and shared use of audio files makes this not possible. I am new to GTA V scripts, and to what LSPDFR has to offer in functionality, but I am appreciative of any help. Cheers!
  7. Hey all, Long time user, really appreciate all that the community created. I've been having frequent (usually after about 10 minutes of gameplay once I activate LCPDFR in-game) crashes since the latest version (1.0c). I've narrowed down my installation by removing other mods to work on one bug at a time. I own a legal Steam version, and have copied the installation using an ultimate car mods pack, but choosing to not actually install any modifications (to make it easier to mod and mess up haha) I am capable of rooting out most bugs, so I think we can tackle this one. This is the latest error in the LCPDFR.log that prompted me to file a bug with you guys. I use: LCPDFR 1.0C GTAIV version Windows 7 64 bit with C++ 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012 redistributables Extra mods: simple native trainer, emergency vehicles replaced with ELS compatible cars, but no ELS. Take your time, I'll wait for any help. It's my first post so if I've broken the rules or am not going with the flow, let me know. Thanks!
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