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  1. I absolutely love this... and every year I always come back around the holidays, and the new year! (I am always lurking around all year tbh tho lol) this is an amazing community, its always been in my top bookmarks as far as I can remember. But I have seen a divide... Sam your words couldn't have been better said myself. Thank you for all that you guys do for us, and anyone involved and even the community. Its just a great place to be.
  2. SKi

    New Hampshire State Trooper

    lol its ok man it happens, I can usualy figure stuff out on my own but anyways thanks man great ped btw! living in NH now so its nice to see. great work my friend.
  3. SKi

    New Hampshire State Trooper

    the instructions are verrrry confusing... i got the ped in and working but the ped props i have no idea where they go.. think the install read me needs some work, so confusing lol
  4. SKi

    New Hampshire State Trooper

    so it will work as long as i don't spawn it threw EUP? or it wont work at all if eup is installed? im good with textures and openiv and all that but hes got all the names wonky and mixed all around. ovb 64e is the way to go but i dont wanna loose all of eup for one ped... sucks really cause i really want this ped!
  5. SKi

    New Hampshire State Trooper

    Hello! Is there a way to replace... lets say the LSSD ped that comes with the latest version of EUP with this amazing looking live free or die ped? if so can someone show me the way to a resource that could teach me? Thanks.
  6. So I absolutely hate the fact that GTAV auto zooms (forces over the shoulder view) while aiming any sort of weapon. So I am asking the community if anyone has a way of fixing this? a mod or script? or is it even possible to stop this action from happening? any help would be great or a point in the right direction of a mod I may not be aware of is appreciated and thank you.
  7. So I have replaced "police" with bxbugs slicktop crown vic. I can tell the lights are not right, they look like rotars when they are leds. Now I know he says in his readme to change siren to 1, but I cannot for the life of me find the police carvarations in order to do so, and he does not mention where to find it in his readme. "By Default fbi, fbi2, sheriff2, pranger, police4, police2 all use SirenSettings "1" so if you using any of those slots you will not need to change the sirensettings." Any help is much appreciated, and I thank you in advance. -SKi
  8. SKi

    Enhanced Emergency Lighting

    So for me It seems to turn the left driver side door light, or whatever is closes to it. i.e top of light bar or mirror lights to like a yellow, almost like a caution light? am i the only one or is this part of it? all bxbuggs cars im using if that matters, haven't tried any other cars.
  9. LOL i feel dumb....thank you! mod u can delte this im sorry for taken up space with my stupid question... :/
  10. I dunno if anyone else has had this issue but I tried looking in the forums and cant find anything on the subject and even did a google search so I am hoping someone here can help before this countdown hits zero! OK so I have open iv have for awhile, not new to modding with OPENIV by any means and when I go to GTAV OPEN IV it asks for the file location which is in the steam/ steam apps/ common/ grand theft auto v folder (I haven't modded a single thing with GTAV yet) and when I navigate to the file location there is no GTAV launcher or GTAV application. what am I missing? any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance.
  11. SKi


    tried to call a paramedic for a downed civilian and hundreds of ambulances spawned in, I did not crash but, that cant be good just a FYI LukeD
  12. http://www.shockpedia.com/29-most-powerful-armies-in-the-world/ there is one...i can go on if you would like... LOL my bad i cant find anything saying the soviet union was at anytime more powerful than the us. i thought u were the creator of the thread and was saying what i said was questionable my bad
  13. you do realize what you just said? right? "was" as in past tense? The US is the most powerful in the world, id like to keep it that way. And yes i pay my taxes.
  14. Everyone bitches about tax dollars and money wasted or mis-used till our national security is at risk. Then maybe then people will understand why things like this is just another plus for america. We are the strongest in the world for a reason, me personally would like it to stay that way. But that's just me. yes i pay taxes and i see no issue with this one bit. that is all.