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    ArchangelTwo got a reaction from Cyan in Orange County Florida cars   
    Ah, the Orange County Sheriff's Office. Probably the best agency in Florida. (I might be a "little" biased.)

    Here are two files that POLICESCO did that'll do what you're looking for. I included the Impala anyway, just because that's what a majority of the vehicles in active use are. (The Impala is red and bllue - while the others are all blue).
    Also, OCSO does use red and blue; just FYI.
    All the best!
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    ArchangelTwo reacted to deliberative in Keep the Peace : an in-depth law enforcement strategy game   
    Thanks @ArchangelTwo! Agreed on all those points! I want different maps to be more than just a different collection of streets and buildings -- they should introduce different challenges to the player, and require the player to adapt their strategies accordingly.
    Ideally, as much modding support as possible. I love the potential that modding provides, not just because it can exponentially increase the content for your game, but even more so because it can exponentially increase the community surrounding your game. I think there's a ton of potential here for modding -- people might introduce new vehicles, new types of equipment, new skins, new incident templates, new scenarios/narrative arcs, new maps. Maybe people go crazy and you see total conversions that set you up in the 1920s..or the 1850s..or the 2050s...   That said, incorporating modding support certainly requires additional effort, so it may depend on how successful things like the Kickstarter are, how much support we can get together, but we'll definitely be building with that in mind. 
    This Sheriff's Office thing is very interesting... I had planned for a political element, in that mayors would come and go and different ones would have different platforms/priorities (and you could potentially influence popular political opinion to some degree), but hadn't thought about the player being an elected individual. As you say, it would shift who you're directly accountable to, and thus add a whole other dynamic to the game. Very interesting!
    Policies -- yep! I really want players to be able to design whatever type of police force they can imagine. At the very least, that needs to permit mimicking popular police forces from around the world. Ideally players can experiment with some bleeding-edge / radical ideas as well.

    Thanks for the support @Constable Lego and I appreciate your sentiment. Kickstarters, like Early Access releases, are tools which, in the right hands, and for the right type of project, can be extremely powerful and beneficial for everyone involved. In the wrong hands, or with the wrong type of project, they can be utter disasters. And then most probably net out somewhere in between... I have several options when it comes to funding this project. I chose to try Kickstarter because it helps build a large community of supporters (and future playtesters ) from Day 1, and it doesn't make me beholden to anyone but my team members (gotta keep the crew healthy and happy) and our player community. 
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    ArchangelTwo got a reaction from shadowdiver710 in Keep the Peace : an in-depth law enforcement strategy game   
    This is really interesting. 
    Black Jesus made a bunch of good points I'd like to build from, and introduce my own.
    City sizes (both population and area) would pose different challenges. I'd like to see a small metropolitan area with the various culture groups; having to deal with the various language barriers that are directly associated with it. Additionally, large area maps that make you spread out your resources and deal with long response times and remote access to specific location. If you have an option for a map designer/city builder - this could pull some pressure from you for meeting everyone's specific needs.
    Coming from that, I'd be curious to see what kind of modding support you'd have. Would you release the game on Steam and support workshop endeavors? As you can tell the community here has been know to outperform themselves when it comes to modding for further immersion and activities. 
    Sheriff's Office and other tidbits - I'd like to see where the player character is the Sheriff and not the Chief - being directly elected by the people. This would allow that character to go against, or with, the local/county government to gain funding and fight against municipalities for funding and officers. This would create a dynamic where you have to keep the people happy to stay in office, risking going against your government, all while remaining competitive to recruit some of the best LEOs in the area. Additionally, some dynamic to demonstrate the current issues that law enforcement agencies face with local/county/state and federal governments. Attempting to keep everyone happy while maintaining your own morale and manpower. (And, that's still nothing about housing inmates and the judicial system).
    Policies - I like the concept of setting policies and hope that they're open to a lot of customization. This would allow for some international use (looking at the UK) for a completely different play style. Additionally, differences in pursuit polices, when helicopters are utilizes, specialty unit call-outs, and things along those lines would be interesting to tweak to your person (or familiar) standards. (Granted, along the lines of what your gameplay actually allows.)
    Overall, I love the concept and would by into it - even at this phase. But, like Black Jesus said, I think you're on the cusp of gaining a lot of positive attention in relation to your project.
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    ArchangelTwo got a reaction from TheDivineHustle in Navy SEALS, Well....   
    Special Forces is exempt from budget cuts, All SOCOM elements are actually getting larger budgets to adjust from the shrinking budgets of 'primary' combatant forces. So, you'll actually see an increase of requests in those fields, not a decrease.

    As for the SEALs, to my knowledge, you can be in the Marine Corps or the Navy and can be eligible for BUDs. However, if you fail out in the Navy, you're most likely going to be invested in a non-combat field where you won't have a chance to improve upon your skill set professionally. The Marine Corps will not only have a significant amount of room in their combat arms, they're just starting their own Special Forces element (MARSOC is still less than ten years old) and has an assortment of combat-related fields upon your interest. If I could suggest any one location, I'd drive toward the Marine Corps if that's the area you want to operate in. But check with a recruiter, and don't be swayed by the rhetoric.

    As for my experience with the 75th Ranger Regiment, it's not a special position to be there, as long as you can get through RASP. While it is an elite unit, it's not anything most Airborne Paratroopers don't easily transfer into. That, and getting a Ranger tab (Ranger School) is not the same as being selected for Regiment. You can go to Ranger School and spend the entire military career in non-Ranger units. And, you can't stay in Regiment for your entire career, so you'll have to transfer to other units. That's why you quite often see a major concentration of Ranger-Qualified/Scrolled Soldiers in Airborne units. So, might want to evaluate what the recruiters said again, because they all sound like they said the same thing. Also to note, different offices have different focuses when it comes to meeting standards and numbers. So, other offices might have RASP slots whereas others do not.
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    ArchangelTwo reacted to l3ubba in New Ford Interceptor Utility Revealed   
    Ford has revealed their new interceptor utility. Doesn't look that much different than the current one out now but I think I like it a little better. This still doesn't make up for the fact that the Crown Vic is gone, it is going to take awhile for me to get over that even though it has been almost 4 years now (they grow up so fast). But anyway...
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    ArchangelTwo reacted to AlconH in It's time for me to leave LCPDFR...   
    I am sad that it has come to this, but I feel as though it is my time to leave this community. I've met many friends here and felt it would be easier to announce my departure in a forum topic instead of messaging members individually.
    It has been clear that this community has taken a massive nose-dive recently in terms of moral standards and I feel as though the community team are no longer the caring and welcoming humans that they once were when I joined, and the community is now full of immaturity and hate.
    I've been here for just over 3 years now and I've had a real good time and as I've mentioned met some real nice people, but it irritates me to the core to see people treating each other this way. I'm not sure what is to blame, whether it's the constant stream of young children, or the community team who lack any sign of care. Maybe it's the lack of leadership or sense of direction within the community.
    What is a real shame is how the community team seems to change the members who join them. They become controlling and power crazy, I get the impression that they feel they are superior on every level and in my opinion that is not what a community is about. The respect that was once in this community has completely gone and that is why I feel the way I do.
    Over the past year or so, I've seen a concerning level of bullying and abuse within this community, even some of it from the community team members themselves. I've seen many of my friends forced out of this community by the staff and members here, and it's a real wonder why I have waited this long to leave.
    Anyway, it's 4AM, I'm tired and I apologise if any of the above makes little or no sense. I wish everyone the best of luck, especially my friends.
    Thanks for the good times.
    - Tom H.
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    ArchangelTwo got a reaction from TheRealNBK71 in Grand Theft Auto V Release Dates (PC, PS4 & Xbox One)   
    Well, not exactly "Fall 2014." But, I'll take it.
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    ArchangelTwo got a reaction from Firefighter 5663 in Grand Theft Auto V Release Dates (PC, PS4 & Xbox One)   
    Well, not exactly "Fall 2014." But, I'll take it.
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    ArchangelTwo got a reaction from TheUniT in Grand Theft Auto V Release Dates (PC, PS4 & Xbox One)   
    Well, not exactly "Fall 2014." But, I'll take it.
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    ArchangelTwo reacted to Sam in Vehicles to Mod when GTA V comes to PC   
    I really can't see myself replacing the models of the cars in GTA V at all.  I was thinking a setup where you have the LSPD cars with proper paintjobs (a bit like the one on the Stanier, and then change the Sheriff SUV so that it is all white like the Sheriff Cruiser, would be the best.
    On top of this, maybe it would be an idea to do away with the park ranger thing and have them as the Blaine County sheriffs instead of having the LS sheriffs up there.
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    ArchangelTwo got a reaction from Slimory in [REQ] 2015 Ford F250/F350 Police   
    Actually, someone just released a 2015 Charger on another website.
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    ArchangelTwo got a reaction from sebek91 in [REQ] 2015 Ford F250/F350 Police   
    Actually, someone just released a 2015 Charger on another website.
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    ArchangelTwo reacted to Pavelow in Why doesn't the military handle large riots   
    Like I said, we're not going out on our own helping them. We're attached directly with an officer. As in an officer of the agency/department we're with is never more than like 10 feet off. They actually do the "official" arresting. We're nothing more than extra man power and hands. 

    I would give anything to be there or anywhere else instead of saluting officers 50 times a day inhaling jet fuel vapor!
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    ArchangelTwo reacted to Pavelow in Why doesn't the military handle large riots   
    I did some training at MacDill AFB. At least you're not sitting on your ass at base. Stay safe.
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    ArchangelTwo got a reaction from iPayforyourEBT in Why doesn't the military handle large riots   
    In rural areas of the United States, the Military does the same thing. In smaller towns around Alabama for example, Army EOD is requested to destroy various homemade explosives. Another example is that Military Police can detain anyone as needed when the situation dictates, but does not have police powers and has to hand off any detainees to local law enforcement as soon as possible.

    But, back in the sixties, the 101st Airborne was called to secure a few schools in Alabama (odd state) to allow racial segregation to end when the civil rights act was passed.
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    ArchangelTwo reacted to Netman005 in Liberty City Police Today   
    Hello lcpdfr i'm starting a mini series that follows the men in the LCPD's day of work called ''Liberty City Today'' It's some short videos that i'll try to make regularly if it's liked ofc.
    Here's two new episodes of my mini series hope you like 'em.
    Liberty City Police Today: Hostage Situation (Ep3) 

    Liberty City Police Today: Foot Pursuit (Ep4)

    Ep1 and 2:
    Liberty City Police Today: Traffic stop (Ep1)

    Liberty City Police Today: Suicide (Ep2) 

    Please leave me some feedback on this.
    and thanks for watching
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    ArchangelTwo reacted to spreilly in Is it possible to make "PoliceW" an actual Police vehicle in EFLC?   
    Let's say this...
    [ POLICE4 ]
    Status = on
    File = mnvn_vector
    ...is one of your entries.
    Copy + Paste + Rename POLICE4 -> the vehicle you want ELS-enabled (in this case, POLICE4 -> POLICEW)
    [ POLICEW ]
    Status = on
    File = mnvn_vector
    Now, if you want a different lighting pattern, you would have to create a new config file. It's the other .ini files in the folder.
    So in this case, you can duplicate the mnvn_vector and just rename it to something. We'll call it "spreilly_config"
    So now we have this:
    [ POLICEW ]
    Status = on
    File = spreilly_config
    If you want to actually change the patterns, you'd have to open your newly-created "spreilly_config.ini" file and edit the following:
    ^ This, going down the list, switches the vehicle to slicktop mode (less reflections), changes the lighting stage activation type, and enables the arrowboard to be hooked up to the trunk/hood.
    ^ This edits the settings for steady-burns you can toggle and, going down the list, cruise-enables AI cars, disables cruise mode at the 3rd stage, and determines what of the four main lights it uses.
    ^ This changes the sound settings. Determines what horn to use for the vehicle, and whether certain siren tones are enabled/disabled.
    ^ This enables/disables GTA vehicle light-based wig-wags and strobes and determines what pattern.
    ^ This changes the type of flashing that the warning lights will do (strobe, halogen, etc.), determines the pattern if desired and edits certain aspects of the way these lights will flash.
    ^ This changes the type of flashing that the primary lights will do (strobe, halogen, led, etc.), determines the pattern if desired and edits certain aspects of the way these lights will flash.
    ^ This changes the type of flashing that the secondary lights will do (strobe, halogen, led, etc.), determines the pattern if desired and edits certain aspects of the way these lights will flash.
    ^ This changes the color of the environmental reflections of the lights.
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    ArchangelTwo reacted to spreilly in Is it possible to make "PoliceW" an actual Police vehicle in EFLC?   
    Assuming you're in EFLC:
    C:/Program Files (x86)/Rockstar Games/EFLC/ELS/_SLOTCONTROL.ini
    So basically in the folder named "ELS" in your EFLC directory.
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    ArchangelTwo reacted to Chappie in Anyone have a request for a police cars?   
    I would like to request a car made completely out of Whelen liberties. 
    obviously not serious.
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    ArchangelTwo reacted to MichaelV in Can You Make Sick Police Packs?   
    It's amazing how lazy clan owners are these days. They can't even search for the cars, they assume modelers can't wait for the next insignificant clan to ask for something. If you're just starting out, or don't care, pick some random models to use. Not every clan needs their own models.
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    ArchangelTwo reacted to SuperStumpje in talk to pedestrians   
    I suppose you could talk to the screen, but other than that I don't think there's a way.
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    ArchangelTwo reacted to Almeida1914 in Whats the Law   
    First off; you're asking for relationship advice on a GTA IV modding website. I'm not saying that there aren't experienced people in that field on here but...
    Secondly; the statement "The Badge has it's benefits" is the probably the most disrespectful, outrageous statement I've ever heard relating to people in Law Enforcement.ThatRandom, if you are a real Law Enforcement Officer; you would not be saying things like that; it's disrespectful to the actual men and women who have worked hard to earn their badge.
    It's not some piece of metal to be used to get what you want from girls; or other people. It's a privilege to have a badge and to be in Law Enforcement; it's not your right.
    Think about that.
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    ArchangelTwo reacted to InnermostZero in Navy SEALS, Well....   
    I see! So from what I can tell the enlisted = privates in Irish Army(regular soldier)  ,then Commissioned = Cadets in Irish Army (supervisors) yet still participate in the field 
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    ArchangelTwo reacted to Bojan in 24/03/1999 , 15 Years passed since America attacked Serbia   
    I disagree. This topic was made to be a reminder to he vast majority of people who don't even know there were wars in the Balkans. I don't think a majority of people here knew anything happened were it not for this post. Although it is misguided in it's ways, it has served it's purpose to make people remember and hopefully understand (at least in part) of the wars that happened through the 90s.
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