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  1. LeGeorgettier


    Yes I was refering to the obvious red rectangle. But it's fine! That was so far the whole point of this, I would love to let your ads there. I even click them. But the ones at the bottom that open over text on every page is really too much. You are right I can always leave my AD block on but I prefered to ask you guys first. I got my answer. And I am just pointing out something I think could be improved. In my opinion anything that stays on my screen or pops-up on another one is intrusive. But that's only MY opinion! Thank you for answering. I'm not trying to start a fight or make you redo the whole site! Thank you Captain Obvious! I was literaly missing that one!
  2. LeGeorgettier


    Perfect thank you =) As I said I don't mind the normal ads that scrolls with the page. I totally get the point behind it and respect it! But the one at the bottom specificly turns me off because it's there on like every page and you cannot scroll it. Thoses ads are the reasons I have AD Block. IMO advertising shouldn't be done in this manner =) (Not telling you guys did it - Just sayin)
  3. LeGeorgettier


    Hello I understand that at some points you guys need some revenue for your site but I think that some of your Ads are kinda intrusive/or feels like scam... Idk how I feel about those. I don't mind seeing Amazon stuff I've already looked for. But Ads you have over the page are kinda making me sick a bit. First because they are over everything you try to see or read and second because they don't seem very legit. I want to help you guys by not putting ADBlock on your site but I think you guys should try to make them appropriate also. I activated ADblock again because it's just a non-sense... https://gyazo.com/98ddebd5d01561f0fd698ea453aca946
  4. LeGeorgettier

    Los Santos Noir

    Thanks you @Fiskey111 and @LtFlash it has been a pleasure helping you guys!!! I have to say this project always made me really thrilled to play LSPDFR! From the very first versions to the latest, each rebuild was completely innovative and brought new content to the mod! It has come a very long way! Every aspect of the mod has been pushed to increase immersion to a level which very few callouts has come yet! I have to say I am pretty impressed of the final work!! From taking evidences to final suspect raid, each stage will make you feel like a true detective. It really completely redefine the way you can play LSPDFR. The diversity makes it a mod that won't get old!! It also integrates prefectly with other plugins to provide the best possible experience! Personally I've always wanted a mod that pushes more into detective working and this is just perfeect!! If you haven't played it yet I reccommend you try it fast!!!
  5. LeGeorgettier

    [ELS] 2013 Tahoe - Kershaw County

    Nicely done! Good job for learning how to make that up! Your stuff is even better in 3d :P I love the fact that this is very well equiped and that it is pretty slick (Not too much lights) M2C : Personally I would add Red/Blue lights and also a blank skin with your lovely plate Keep up the great work!!
  6. LeGeorgettier


    Hi I have an issue where if your OrganicAmbientEventDetectorInterval sends me backup all the time. I just wanted you to know. When turned to 0 it's fine. Nothing shows in the RPH log but I tested it over and over agai. 100% of the time I get random backup (At some point) on duty if this isn't at 0
  7. LeGeorgettier


    Screens from our FiveM RP server
  8. LeGeorgettier

    4k Service Incendie Montréal

    Version 1.0.0


    This pack contains 4k skins for different cars we use on our FiveM Server. I was asked to put them public so here they are!
  9. Hey guys I know we are all pissed aboout T2's decision on the modding topic and I dont want to discredit any effort made to try and resolve that but I couldn't help myself but try to find another way of sending a powerfull message above... I was thinking about what could be the greatest way too protest T2 on this topic and this went throught my mind... We are all content creators, many of us have differents skills and talents that makes some aspects of moddings easiers for us. Why don't WE show them what can be done with theses "Illegal Mod" by making custom projects on the topic?!?! They would show what kind of great work they are putting an end to and it would probably give us awesome coverage. I know we all have different skills but this could be a one-time-deal where we really need to work together as a community and show them we are worth the time or this might just be the end. Some people are better at photoshop others make awesome 3d models and we probably have the best videos editors in the whole gaming community - But bottom line is we can create awesome customized mods related to this! Lets put that to our advantage. Today I saw the Atomic Blimp modded into a powerfull message to T2. This is a small example of what we could do (Awesome job on it BTW =D ) Let's unite all these powerfull skills and create mods/videos/photoshoots/scripts to show them what we REALLY are we capable of. I suggest we all mash our ideas here and ask for help if needed =) What do you guys think?
  10. Would you really play LSPDFR ONLY with original cars :P ?? I would not
  11. Petition posted on GTA Forums : https://www.change.org/p/gta-v-modding-community-re-allow-gta-v-modding?recruiter=734004698&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition
  12. You guys can send em your thoughts on the issues : https://www.take2games.com/contact/index.php# *Please remain polite I don't think blasphemy would help, just send them your opinion on this and maybe this could grow...
  13. If they did that for the OpenIV team I would be surprised the people from Scripthook haven't had any issues... T2 made modding illegal. The excuse they use is that OpenIV allows people to modify the game. I think Scripthook also apply to theses statements... I wouldn't say anything isn't endangered. Quote from OpenIV : On June 5th, 2017, we had received an official Cease-and-Desist letter.It clearly says, that with OpenIV we “allow third parties to defeat security features of its software and modify that software in violation Take-Two’s rights“