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  1. my suggestion would be in the downloads section for vehicles maybe have them categorized by brands like dodge ford and chevy making it more easy for you ti find what you want for your fleet.
  2. If anyone wants to take a whack at this please do id like one for impala fpiu fpi and tahoe if possible. please let me know thanks guys
  3. i have been having problem as well like i will say on my way and it will not pop up the blip to show the location of the call. any ideas of what it could be?
  4. Try RightThumb thats what i have mine set to. if you have other mods go thru their ini files and they have controller mapping names just let me know if that helps you out
  5. Has this been released yet? It sounds amazing good work man cant wait to see it in game. if you need any beta testers pm and let me know
  6. Awesome work brother thats amazing to have reflective skins for our cars if it isnt to much for ya could you do putnam county sheriffs office and cookeville city pd. i would love to have those but if not no sweat man keep up the good work.
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