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  1. Apperantly they started working on it in 2016, but since they made so much money (and still is) with GTA 5 and GTA online, they won't continue working on it until they stop making money from GTA 5
  2. Hopefully, they update the speaking in traffic stops and no more "kifflom"
  3. I love how this is the shortest month of the year, but because of LSPDFR 0.4, it feels like the longest lol
  4. Guys, the max amount of time we'll be waiting is 20 days (till the 20th).Hoping it will come sooner than that!
  5. God no, I've been refreshing the page literally every day, lol
  6. February the first, and still waiting, crossing my fingers that it will come out this week!! Probably going to have to start fresh. It won't be a problem, a lot of mods probably won't work with 0.4, so we'd probably have to redownload all of them.
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