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  1. I am going with the 27th,no evidence,literally just picked a date..Hopefully I am proved wrong and its released tomorrow,or at least sooner than the 27th lol.Well,back to catching speeders out in sandy shores.
  2. I didn't say it was caused by lspdfr,to clarify its related to the latter part of your post.
  3. Everytime my game crashes lol,which is about every 10 minutes or so..Cant wait!
  4. NOTE: I just now noticed how old this thread is,the last post was from july of last year lol,guess I am sort of behind. Pasadena PD - Where I was born and raised,resided there for 35 years. Loved the livery and lightbars they used while I lived there,after I moved they started getting the Explorer utilities and changed the paint scheme a little bit. I moved from Pasadena to OC-Westminster and by the time I moved down here all they had was Explorer utilities,I like the lightbars and the livery,its pretty nice. Credit to Code2High for the Pasadena PD vehicle photos and rwcar4 for the Westminster Police Ford Explorer Utility vehicle.
    Great model,great interior! Very well done!Thanks for sharing with us.
  5. Very excited for this new release!! Cant wait!
    I really enjoy these vehicles! Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Love it even with its one minor issue I encountered. Much appreciated! The only issue I experienced was the knocking sound coming from the trailer,may be a collision thing,not sure.Either way,still love it! Thanks Medic!
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