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    I need Help

    Download Albo1125's Troubleshooter. Running this will tell you if you have any problems with the installation of your Plugins or don''t have key component things needed to run them. You most likely did not install it correctly. Once it is done downloading, click "start" (If you haven't selected your RPH file yet, or it automatically did so) and it search for problems. If there is problems, it can automatically fix them (certain problems like if you installed something wrong or didn't put the files in the right place, others like Misssing files like C++ and so on and so forth will require manual action. So I really recommend trying this and If there is no problems, post a Log file of RPH. If you haven't already did this method,Try to also go into RPH settings, when you click to open RPH, when the splash screen is there; click the settings button on the bottom left next to the "x". Then, go to Advanced settings and uncheck "Disable DirectX Hook". This should fix problems with your Computer+ not opening. Hopefully your problem is fixed
  2. I tried everything. Nothing will work. Here is my log file, hopefully someone can help me. Thanks. RagePluginHook.log
  3. locke1214

    I need Help

    Nevermind. Fixed them with the Troubleshooter.
  4. locke1214

    I need Help

    I recently have been having some issues with my Plugins. My Plugins actually WILL load, but they won't show any sign of working. This is also the case with Computer+ and I have everything installed correctly, but I cannot open the Police computer, it will even tell me as a notification on how to open it but nothing will work. Mods like Stop the Ped will work but others like Traffic Policer and Computer+ won't. I know that all Plugins are loaded automatically once on duty. Also, Pressing the "Y" button to answer calls is obsolete and will not work either. I don't know if it is a Keybinding problem or what, but I can assure you everything is working and I am Launching GTA V through Rage Plugin Hook. Please Help!
  5. locke1214

    Rage Hook Bug?

    Every time I try to run Rage Hook through the GTAV Directory, the splash screen will come up and say things like "Validating hook" or "Validating System" and then the splash screen will go away. Nothing happens after that and recently i got a Error saying i need Microsoft C++ 2010 Redistribute but i already have it! Can someone help me please?