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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hello! My name is cpdaustins or angrysushi and I am making a skin today for Frost 88s Ford Taurus! DISCORD: https://discord.gg/kWeCj59 https://discord.gg/kWeCj59 Any other suggestions please PM me using that discord and stay up to date with mine, and MANY other developers vehicles, and textures. Also stay and chat a while! I am also planning on adding MANY vehicles to this pack, along with Frost88s vehicle, may add more. That's why the Discord is an essential for more content like this! VEHICLE USED TO MAKE THIS: Thank you guys so much and hope you enjoy!
  2. Please remember this is grand theft auto. Things will NEVER be exact in comparison to Real life. We are limited with resources here.
  3. Could I make a texture pack on these vehicles? Obviously full credits and whatever you want. Contact me on discord for more; cpdaustins#2227
  4. Personally me, I don't need it. But this is GREAT for New LSPDFR players, which there are a lot of during the holiday season! Great job and hopefully we see more in the future!
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Hello! This is my first vehicle pack for LSPDFR.com. Before you start leaving bad reviews, just know these textures are Fictional, and i tried to have at least a little variety in all of the textures. I appreciate everyone for motivating me to do this and i will definitely have more to come! Also, me and my buddy Trooper D are making vehicle packs, which he makes vehicles custom and i skin them. My name known around is Cordon Bleu and i am very well known mainly in FiveM. VEHICLES INCLUDED: 2016 Dodge Charger 2013 Chevy Tahoe 2014 Ford Explorer 2011 Crown Victoria 2016 Ford Taurus UPDATES: 1.0.0: Pack Release My design discord: https://discord.gg/dsDVcaY This is supposed to be a mix or New Mexico State Police and Florida Highway Patrol. And it worked! Happy Holidays and Enjoy this Texture Pack!
  6. Seems like a client side thing, look on the videos and they work just fine on those! Just dm me on discord for more help. Cordon Bleu#2227
  7. I tried my hardest to find the exact font, I could not see any font in relation to the skin. Also be aware this is mine, and the authors first vehicle pack and we have a long way to go before we become skilled at these things. Thanks for your feedback! Well in my defense, I was looking out for you guys since the cars already have a lot of lighting and 4k liveries would just lag the hell out of someone's game haha. But me and the author will work on these things all in version 1.1. Thank you so much!
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