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  1. You might be right. I think post-2010 (last model year of the 2006-10 Charger) they might have stopped using it. Good to have some fellow Rhode Islanders who know!!
  2. I don't know. I think the two blues can come on if they want them to for traffic or fog, whatever the case may be.
  3. Yep It's all red unless they turn the blues on though.
  4. From living in RI I can tell you all the vehicles are setup that way. You could download the font and make it that with paint.net but yeah, it's still great anyways!
  5. I live in Rhode Island, so not only is it weird to see two great RI-based packs in a row, but it's even weirder to see two good ones! While I haven't tried things out in the game yet (which I will be, and at such point I will leave a review) but, just from the pictures, I have two minor criticisms. Number one, the font used for all the text is wrong. The correct font is Helvetica Bolt Condensed for your reference. Lastly, the real-life RISP, in the rear of the lightbar, has two blue lights. From left to right on the Liberty (not counting the corner light), it would look like this, and a real life picture too. ------ If it is possible to do that, that would be great, but again, just some constructive criticism and an overall great pack nonetheless. I believe this pack is supposed to be 100% realistic to the real-life Rhode Island State Police. RI State Police uses all red lights with the exception of two blue lights in the rear of the vehicle.
  6. About time Rhode Island gets some love. Love this fleet. It's really simple but really good at the same time. Thanks Slendis!
  7. Looks really good. Do you by chance remember the font used in the photo? Thanks in advance.
  8. Check your vehicles.meta file and make sure that the DiffuseTint value is set to 0x00FFFFFF. Probably you have your tint value set incorrectly causing the lightbar glass to be blocked by window tint.
  9. This is really, really nice, good job. It's simple, the font looks nice and fitting, and it looks like something a real sheriff department would use. Nice job again.
  10. How about as a suggestion for a future pack? I love Expeditions.
  11. Is it possible of seeing a slicktop expedition with a pushbar? I would love that.
  12. Is it possible you could make a slicktop version of this without the siderunners?
  13. I changed out the pack, and it worked. I will also look into this AmbientScenariosMultiplier, thank you very much for your help!
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