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  1. Jxh5760

    LSPS - Los Santos Protection Squad

    It’s a great mod, but I feel like the protection squad’s 3 car 3 bodyguards +1 driver set up is not enough for those 4 cars, seems under-used. each suv can sit 4 people. Limo has one driver and one passenger seat available. So, 1 player, 11 AI bodyguards from 3 suv, and 1 driver from limo, 1 bodyguard from the limo (passenger seat), total of 14 bodyguards!!! This would be amazing And I’ve seen those bodyguards using a musket!!! Bodyguards using musket fighting enemy Peds! They should at least be using a smg or carbine! But over all it’s great, just rooms for improvement.
  2. Jxh5760

    [ELS] 16 FPI

    You might want to lower the back seat. suspect's head is over the roof lol and also the light bar seems to be missing some textures? other than that, this is pretty much best FPIS i've seen!
  3. Jxh5760

    (ELS)2016 FPIS W/Whelen Liberty

    This? Can you fix this? when I try to put someone in the back seat the door wont open and the guy just jump in.
    Amazing mod, in case no one posted this yet, here is how you can mute ELS sirens create a copy of the car you want for back up name it whatever and add it to the addon xml file go to the back up car's VCF xml file, edit it make every all the "true" inside <sound></sound> to "false" then when you play, siren will not sound. but this also make it permanent for that particular car so even if something happens you need siren, they can turn it on.
  4. Jxh5760

    [ELS] Unmarked Pack

    OMG these are just absolutely perfect! Thank you for making these!!!! Amazing. the only improvement i can think of is if you could add antennas, like the low profile ones. and the license plate may need a fix. other than that, again, it's pretty much perfect!!! Amazing car thanks man!
  5. Jxh5760

    [ELS] Unmarked Pack

    These are absolutely the best, the most perfect unmarked vehicles i can find on lspdfr!!! Most real unmarked police cars have lights on the side windows of the doors. And these cars have them!!! I've been looking for cars with lights on the door for soooo long and I finally found them!!! most of other unmarked on lspdfr don't have them. Perfect!
  6. Jxh5760

    RCMP Add-on for EUP

    Thanks for the update, now the pants are correct. It looks amazing!
  7. Jxh5760

    2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility LSCSO

    It seems I can't use other skins? if i import other skins it wont spawn in game. and seems the guns in the car's gun rack are not skined?? I can see the ytd file has the skins for the guns but in the car it's not loaded, they are all white other than that again it's perfect!!!!
  8. Jxh5760

    RCMP Add-on for EUP

    I ADDed the preset text. I just saw it’s actually updated. I probably use the old version. I have cop holster so I guess that’s why. Old version issue. I downloaded it pretty much right after you released it. I’ll get the newer one and try again. Thanks man great work!
  9. Jxh5760

    RCMP Add-on for EUP

    It's still at it's early stages, but for now it's pretty great!
  10. Jxh5760

    RCMP Add-on for EUP

    I'm not sure if this is my problem or the addon. When I use these uniforms I can't draw my gun using tab key, only way to draw is staying in the car and use mouse wheel. and I can't use preset ini that's included. if i use it the EUP will just crash everytime i load the game. and also the pants seem to be missing the RCMP pants are black with yellow stripes, i can see the file in your rar but once i replaced it, in the EUP menu I cant find it. other than that, it's pretty decent! ps the original image is too big so i just screen shot it. if it's low quality, go here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x7CjLwAgxLOBycuEEkKHIg3-Vun8DHo3/view?usp=sharing
  11. First of all it is the most perfect explorer i've seen on lspdfr. Absolutely amazing, flawless!!!! @Thehurk one thing, on the driver side door, there seem to be a light there lighting up the door when the headlights are on. Was that a thing for the car or some bug? it became very obvious when i was using a RCMP skin. here are the photos https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Ig3Cs6buZkGXu7iBfRQCGLQiWyt1KfD2?usp=sharing thanks man again it's flawless!!!!
  12. Its perfect. I downloaded it just because it had BC plates and then found out the car is perfect! It even has scene lights which is rare.
  13. Jxh5760

    2015 Potato Charger ELS

    this car is 99% perfect! Literally the best I've seen. However: @MrPotato i distinctively remember, the first time I opened this car, the take down lights were working. there was take down lights activated. however everytime after that, the takedown is gone like it never existed. I check the ELS file takedown is "true" but in game the ELS panel doesn't have TKD. And it's all green when all other car's ELS panels are orange. Is there a bug? What's going on here or does it just not have TKD and I simply remembered wrong?
  14. Why is the front windshield A pillar not white like the rest of the body? is it on purpose? Other than that, it's perfect 9.5/10