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    We're delighted to announce the first public release of the LSPD First Response modification for Grand Theft Auto V on PC.
    Implementing a basic framework for enforcing the law in San Andreas, LSPDFR includes a number of features such as arresting suspects, pulling over vehicles, full character and vehicle selection, basic callouts and hot pursuits. Also included in LSPDFR are a variety of police backup options, an interaction menu and various other features.  Be sure to study carefully the User Documentation provided with the modification, which explains the features LSPDFR offers.
    You can download the first public release of LSPDFR here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/7792-lspd-first-response/ 
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    Now that the GTA V mod rush has dumbed down a bit, I'd like to get things organized and as such, have made this little thread. Let's start by introducing my LCPDFR self, shall we? Okay, so, my username is a play on words with my real name ('Khan' in 'Khanage', Khanage being pronounced as 'carnage', get it?). I've only recently joined, around last Halloween and made skin mods, having since learnt how to make proper models (well, not really 'make'). And now here I am, on a thread on which I'll be showcasing all my WIP/REL mods. If you like what you see, press the little green arrow to the bottom right of this post! Oh, and although this is a 'cop shop' I'll also be doing civilian mods at some point. (BTW excuse my poor screens)
    Police 2nd Gen Buffalo (Non ELS)

    Police Elegy RH8 (Non ELS)

    Bati 800 Police (Non ELS)

    So that's my one & only work in progress, the rest of my mods are either just ideas or have already been released. My ideas include, numerous NFS themed vanilla police vehicles, an ELS or Non-ELS Knightrider Trans Am, Merryweather and Fort Zancudo Canis Mesa (zancudo version possibly with 0taku's beacon light, modified to non-els). But, what I want to do right now is an LCPD 2nd Gen Buffalo. So yeah that's about it for my thread, more mods coming soon though!
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    i have downloaded 2.0 the new version and man it works fine and its simply amazing Braveheart thank's a milion