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  1. Agreed. Anyways I messaged Kane on discord and he is sending me a temp link to the Rhino. So at least I can get that one. He did an amazing job on them and its a shame he stopped work on em
  2. So I noticed that Users Kane104 and TheWhiteEagle have been working on porting the Need For Speed Most Wanted: 2005 Police cars to GTA IV but dropped the projects without warning or reason. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about these projects and perhaps if anyone has the cars. Me along with other people on LCPDFR also want these cars to be released but unfortunately they never were. They seem to be only available on GTA SA ( Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ) and TheWhiteEagle has converted them to GTA IV and they looked amazing! He ended up porting the rest from the game itself ( Need for speed Most Wanted: 2005 ) but for some reason stopped working on them. He planned to release em to the public as well. Kane104 made his own versions that had custom light bars and liveries ( Update: supposedly there is a leaked link to the Light Rhino that he ( Kane104 ) made but the link can't be viewed ) but the project was also seemingly dropped as well without warning or reason. I find it strange tbh. If anyone can shed some light about this please feel free to do so. I hope that one day these police vehicles will be released or someone will convert the already existing ones in GTA SA to GTA IV. If you want to see what Police Vehicles im talking about then heres the links to the screenshots from TheWhiteEagle and Kane104 TheWhiteEagle: https://www.lcpdfr.com/gallery/album/2016-developer-stories/ ( <---- Converted and ported the Original Versions of the NFS MW: 2005 Cop cars ) Kane104: ( <--- Ported the Light Rhino and Civic Cruiser From NFS MW: 2005 but made his own Liveries and Light bar for em ) ( EDIT: I had a better well written version of this but I accidentally deleted it and I think ive submitted this one like 5 times on accident. Also im not sure if im uploading this in the right Forum so if I didn't then I will move it. )
  3. Gal4xy

    Developer Stories

    so are the Most wanted/carbon police vehicles being released or what? seems like the project was dropped which is a shame. Kane104 was working on a similar project with the MW cop cars but that was also dropped as well which is strange. How come we don't have these police cars in gta iv and when we see leaks about em they suddenly just never get released?
  4. Gal4xy

    NFS Most Wanted Police Cars

    User Kane104 had the Civic Cruiser and the Light Rhino units ported but they are not released and will most likely never will be. He has not said anything about them for about 4 years now. Hopefully they will be released in the future.
  5. Gal4xy

    KevinDV's mods

    When will the NFS police cars be released? Will there be None ELS versions as well?