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  1. I really like the FPIU and want to use it, but I don't like the light blue lights, so I used the included blue/red light files and edited the VCF to the one someone commented, and the lights are just blue and yellow now.. I have RadianceV and ELS, and my lights looked nothing like your screenshots.
  2. Hey, any relative idea when the next update will be? I really want to use this pack but I want to wait until there's no issues before I install it. These look great.
  3. Will this be updated for 0.4? I'd really like to use it.
  4. Will this be updated for 0.4, or does it already work with 0.4? Looks like some cool callouts and I'd like to use them.
  5. These look awesome and I'm really hyped for these. Any general idea when they will be released?
  6. With Stop The Ped the plugin page says that it's disabled when using with 0.4 because LSPDFR 0.4 apparently has it. Do you know how to enable this in LSPDFR? I couldn't find anything about it, other than from the Stop The Ped page stating it's in 0.4. And peds in the area go crazy with gunshots, maybe that's just how it's suppose to be. I remember playing awhile ago and everyone on the sidewalk would be calmer when I was dealing with a suspect even when shots were fired because I used that Keep Calm plugin.
  7. I use LSPDFR Comes Alive, and it works. I believe it was updated for 0.4 as well. The events are random and I think it only targets them on your minimap and such when you are looking at the area when it takes place. I've had a situation with some lady doing a burnout and I think she was about to race another car, and another situation where a guy randomly started shooting some other guy on a sidewalk. You can change the settings in the files for how often they occur and such. I'll probably have to use Stop the Ped for it's build in KeepCalm mechanic, it's one of the only plugins on this list I don't have installed.
  8. Has anyone tried KeepCalm, and does it work with 0.4? Or know an alternative, I'm looking for something to prevent the AI from going berserk around me.
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