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    coonlox reacted to BlueLineBacker in Character Sync & Statistics Suggestion   
    Click your name in top right, go to profile and then click characters. Once you are on that page click the character you want and it will display the stats page for said character.
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    coonlox reacted to ZLFC in A list of what works and what doesn't with LSPDFR 0.4. Feel free to add.   
    See the supported plugins. LSPDFR+ isn’t a supported mod and I guarantee the reason for your crash. 
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    coonlox got a reaction from ineseri in Ford has revealed the new 2020 Ford Explorer   
    We're beyond the age of needing fast cars, now we need fuel efficiency because its on the road so much.
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    coonlox got a reaction from Cyan in VFEmail hacked - Decades of data lost   
    I'm quite fond of the idea of search and destroy. Makes me feel that someone had content on the servers they wanted to know for sure was going to be removed. Why destroy everything when you could have sold the database online for a pretty penny?
    When I read the article I was very interested in the motive.
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    coonlox got a reaction from Southern Mountie in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    I give attention to my companion and play LSPDFR equally I'd say.
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    coonlox got a reaction from Kallus in Weapon Sights   
    Just realized, I've never tried to play LCPDFR in first person.. Might be a game changer...
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