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    Absolutely love this! The backup.xml file included with the pack was a great idea and I really appreciate it! All the cars sound and handle very good and the lighting is incredible! Only issue I have, is the peds head sticking out of the roof on the 2014 charger (don't know if any other vehicles have this issue). Suggestion: The two fog lights on the FPIU to have flashing LEDs in them
  1. I would love a feature where you could request a swat team as a backup. They could follow you around like normal backup, but be equipped with assault rifles. Would be great for high risk callouts.
  2. Eidogg

    Emergency Response System Android/IOS

    Not seeing the lspdfr thing as a possibility to add from other remotes, im using android.
  3. Eidogg

    Los Santos Police Department Pack

    Alley lights on the 2018 marked charger (possibly others aswell) don't actually light up anything(atleast for me, ), would really appreciate if you made them work. Love the pack though and it will be in use for a long time Keep up the great work!
  4. Eidogg

    San Andrea State Police (Oregon Based)

    Matt's charger isnt anywhere to be found.
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    @khorio I can't seem to get the plugin working. If I go on duty using forceduty then it says it loaded, but because my forceduty always crashes a couple of times before I get it to work, it doesn't say It loaded the second time (and so on) when I use forceduty. So when I get lspdfr working it's just silence in the vehicle, no sound from the scanner. Really love the idea of this plugin but would also like to get it actually working. If you have any advice let me know! Best of wishes!
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    Top stories from weazel news live crime reports.
  8. Eidogg

    Los Santos Noir

    You should add a feature that lets people create their own cases. It doesn't have to be highly customisable but maybe so that other creators on this site that know code can create their own cases and put them up for download. It would be great if we got some more cases.
  9. Eidogg

    Intense crime scenes

  10. Eidogg

    L.A.P.D. Transport Van

    Version 1.0.0


    L.A.P.D. Chevrolet transport van Since the main model most of the previous LAPD vans we're based off has been deleted and I could find a good and realistic skin, I made my own. The skin is for the transport van in Thero's Vehicle Pack. It isn't an exact copy of the white police vans LAPD uses because I added less detail (no unit number, etc) and added an American flag on the side. If it's requested I can add details or make different ones (TRANSPORT or CORONER on the sides). Feel free to give feedback! NB!!! It's a bit hard to put suspects in the van because it can sometimes glitch out. NPC cops also glitch a bit but in my experience it's not really that big of a problem. If such things happen you can contact me for assistance.
  11. So I have got EUP menu and when you are customising your clothing, there is the buttons 4 and 6 to change texture. In my case the buttons don't work and nothing happens. I can't find a file where I could edit the buttons. Help.
  12. Eidogg

    Intense crime scenes

  13. Eidogg

    Intense crime scenes