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  1. Spotlight, arrest manager, smart radio and united call outs
  2. I have seen a lot of concern about crash’s so I am sharing my procedure, maybe it will help a few. I have only run into a few, mainly when I have way to much activity. I run a few car mods, ELS and Smart Radio. I start GTA in windowed mode without loading plug ins. I reload all plug ins and then “Force Duty”. My frame rates are in the 60’s out in the county and 40 to 50 in the city. Oh if anyone can share how to stop other police officers from shooting at me when a traffic stop goes bad please share!
  3. Yeah, I am a moron. It works only when you are in a actual pursuit, that makes sense.
  4. Yes how do I get the purist key to work. nothing comes up with N and I tried several new keys.
  5. sorry I forgot about that. Did some more reading, reboot worked.
  6. I have been playing LSPD for a week or so with out any issues. I just installed this per the video (I hope) and in the last hour It crashed twice. Any suggestions?
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