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  1. man, heartbreaking to hear but I definitely understand. Thank you so much for everything you've done! LSPDFR wouldn't be the same without your work!
  2. sid1138


    am i trippin or did the download button just download the screenshots?
  3. sid1138

    BCSO Integrity Pack

    can't for the life of me figure out which files to edit to change the lightbar. Got every light red/blue except the lightbar lol it's driving me crazy.
  4. Anyone else seeing this or have any insight?
  5. sid1138


    oddly enough, dude is right. I tried loading 6 times only to crash to desktop until I changed VCFs. I have never seen this before and don't know wtf would be causing that. Sweet model though. Just changed the VCF it was using and all is good.
  6. I would love to. I’m AD military so my free time comes and goes but I would gladly do my best to help out in any way possible. I had no idea LSPDFR had a donation system. I’ll check that out.
  7. Holy hell im so stoked. Do you have patreon or something?
  8. will the citations still have the animation and delay time for the suspect drive off?
  9. So excited for the computer update. If it works even half as well as your other mods it will quickly become another must have.
  10. Really wish the LODs weren’t jacked up. This would be a 5 Star model for sure.
  11. sid1138

    Los Santos Police Department MegaPack

    included templates do not work on the chargers EDIT: I'm drunk. works fine lol
  12. sid1138

    Los Santos Police Pack [ELS]

    what autumn mod are you using?? I can't find one...
  13. This would be incredible. I use your plugin alongside STP and it works beautifully though.. I just use a modifier and use your plugin first, only using STP if i actually decide to detain or arrest them and it works beautifully. If you're able to get a computer+ style portion to this mod it would be mind blowing. Being able to uninstall computer+ would provide some amazing stability these days. Again, thank you for all your hard work. This is the best thing to happen to LSPDFR in a while.
  14. So I've already reviewed as 5 stars but I can't help myself but to comment also. This mod is incredible. It is definitely a MUST HAVE for anyone who wants more realism. THANK YOU for this mod and the constant updates and support. It's unbelievable.
    So much work went into this and it shows. Works flawlessly with Police search or Search Warrant, and I have had no issue utilizing this plugin with STP still installed. This plugin is a must have for immersion.