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  1. Officer Eagle

    [ EUP ] BCSO Uniforms

    im pretty sure theres an alternate winter coat that is black by the way
  2. Officer Eagle

    [ EUP ] BCSO Uniforms

    Im always a fan of a darker uniform, great work here and works great with the current winter climate with the beanie and all. I have to say one of my favorite aspects of this uniform is the choices you made as far as font and pacthes definetly love the authoritative and futuristic style of the text and logos. I do only have one thing, im not sure if its just me but, the pants you used for the preset seem way too baggy if i can i would like to request you change the texture of some other pants that are tighter such as the default BCSO pants. Other than that this uniform is very close to perfect, and again, great job on that patch. It is by far the best looking iv seen
  3. it wasnt meant to be complex, its just a nice simple skin
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Vehicle pack used for screenshotThought i would share some skins i made for my FiveM community, its my first post and I'm sorry i didn't have any good screenshots but here it is. I thought i would past this in light of what has been happening in the community as I will always support this website, even though this is the first thing I have developed for the site, i may release some more stuff as i have a ton of textures piled up in a folder that i no longer use. Happy Roleplaying everyone, whether it be in LSPDFR or on FiveM the fire vehicles aren't mine and arent apart of the pack, if you are interested in using those its medic's Fire and EMS pack http://www.gta-mod-center.com/forum/index.php?/files/file/839-lspd-mega-pack/ vehicles used for the texture pack
  5. Officer Eagle

    Siren tone name (=inverted)

    That would be a manual siren tone, not all sirens come with them but i know theres a couple in the MODERN SIREN PACK that have them
  6. Officer Eagle

    Name of this siren?

    Im pretty sure the first vehicle would be the typical lapd siren which is the federal signal ss2000 siren. The second two vehicles are the same siren except one obviously has a rumbler. The second siren would be the Federal signal Touchmaster delta. Heres a link to the sirens (i included the rumbler if you want that too:
  7. I had this vehicle in my game a while ago, then deleted it. If anyone has the link or knows if it was deleted let me know. Also if it is helpful it was els and had an option for all blues, but it was red and blue by default