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  1. damn man. I hope retirement was for good reasons and not bad. your mods are awesome. thank you for making this game more enjoyable. good luck in your future endeavors dude.
  2. Snoman


    Ok ive installes and changed my emissives to 5000 and my emerg lights are still dim. My settings are all high or very high. What did i do wrong?
  3. Hey toastin, I know youre a busy guy, just wondering on any time frame for an update? No pressure, if its not something you aren't able to do that's cool. it just means I don't have to watch for updates lol. thx bud
    Love the mod answers so many questions when ppl run for weird reasons
    Would love if this worked for gta v 1180. Cant get any of it to work and it crashes my game if its loaded. Lol.
    Love this albo. Just waiting for update for gta 1180. Mine still crashes on some features likely bc of the gta version. Keep it up bud
  4. Snoman

    (ELS) 2015 Dodge Charger Unmarked All Blue Christmas Tree

    Ok. I got it to be brighter with the radance mod. Looks great. Just trying to get all the settings in my head now lol
    I got it to work. Looks great. Just have to find script to make them brighter lol. Nice job
  5. Snoman

    Emergency Lighting System

    HEY. can anyone tell me why my lights wont turn on? you can see them on the charger as i toggle on and off on load screen but they dont turn on when i activate the lights and sirens. I only get the typical factory car lights that flash. eg tails and markers. ive confirmed my locations and installed everything i can find but nothing seems to help.
  6. Snoman

    (ELS) 2015 Dodge Charger Unmarked All Blue Christmas Tree

    Sorry man. Put in wrong area. Still learning this thing. Not all my lights will light up. Only get tails and markers that are on car. The siren works though. The addon lights wont light up. Im missing something. Ideas?? Car looks great, itll be better once its lighting up.
    Still trying to grasp how this all works but other than crashes on some areas, I'm loving it.