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  1. minecraft for me kinda got stale yeah you survive to build and then work up to beating the final boss but that's it. I look for voxel games that try to improve off of what minecraft has as a base like this one Sky wanderers
  2. of course, its trash when it's a free game every kid buys it and acts like a jerk using cod trash-talking tactics to sound tough like the generic "I effed yo mah" just get them mad enough to where their parents walk in and hear them wait for them to do something stupid like send a death threat message or slur then report them!
  3. though seriously we need to arm those cats better so they won't be taken, hostage a nice heavy machine gun would do it!
  4. I've been a bit behind but I know those comments were on pages 15-40 that's the best I can give ya...
  5. will lspdfr have a ranking system like if you start out as a rookie and have to follow orders that the acting supervisor gives out like pursuit tactics? "hey rookie head him off at the past so he'll be forced to turn onto a less crowded street" as a rookie you won't have much control of other officers but then when you become a supervisor you can!
  6. thanks for liking the post I made! @sam
  7. meanwhile at a whistleblower's house.
  8. I want to use the MP ped with a bunch of outfits and port them over to GMOD I, however, I do not know the process to do so anyone here know how to do so?
  9. What are you after I know a good lore friendly pack, unfortunately, it's not over the top lights but they are good lights anyway Rx2700 lightbar I believe with a relatively easy install...
  10. That was a great comeback! I guess while we wait anyone wanna share any videos of their experience with lspdfr 0.31 any good videos? here is a video I made with rockstar editor with an added flair of nostalgic music. please keep in mind I was going through a phase of trying to find a good pack and I know some models may not look that great but I had fun making this video (call was a robbery in progress.)
  11. time to engage contingency plan gorilla warfare!
  12. US Special forces have been dispatched!
  13. a good and a bad here though rockstar isn't all that bad at least they are nowhere near as bad as EA where yes you pay $60 for the game and can drive the crown vic but only with a basic skin and lightbar while all other vehicles and liveries would be stuck behind a paywall I don't know about you but I know I got my money's worth when I bought the full game of gta5 and online(with some exceptions) ___________________________________________________________ the only thing that could top lspdfr0.4 is lspdfr 0.4 ONLINE
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