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  1. @TheCopman123 Rather late for asking, but is this all on hold?
  2. Markey


    they.... they... they dont look anything like that... that thing
  3. I possibly couldn't think what has started this... don't wanna get banned for 'hate speech' though
  4. Markey

    Dorset Police Re-Tex

    Listened to feedback, the cars on a whole now look a lot more like their real life counter parts.
  5. Markey

    Secret Service Tahoe

    Don't bring age into this tbh, what everyone's doing is just giving you feedback about what's good and whats bad.
  6. Markey

    Australian Plate Check Vocals

    still wrong game
  7. Markey

    Herts Fire and Rescue - Scania P280 - 4k

    What fonts are they on the locker?
    Well everyone's got to start somewhere, however I personally believe some tutorials would be great for you - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Sulp-HWn_k or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTqNo6DQuHs . Always provide a link for the correct model and maybe ask a few people of opinions before uploading. Also in-game screenshots are always something that's extremely good to have.
  8. Markey

    [WIP] Coastal Callouts

    Had the same issue. You must use paypal if in Britain. Apologies
  9. Hi there mate. It seems as if you are continuing to upload models for textures. You should only upload the car_sign_1 or whatever it is called. I would suggest updating all of your skins that you have done this too ASAP. Thankyou.
  10. Markey

    [WIP] Coastal Callouts

    You said that 8 minutes ago... No need to say it again. Parks will contact you via the email you entered I would imagine
  11. Markey

    [WIP] Coastal Callouts

    Apologies that I haven't said much here! To all the British followers, keep your eyes peeled for some brand new skins for the boats! :D
  12. Markey

    2014 Ford Focus British Transport Police

    An amazing skin! Nice to see more BTP being added into the British community!
  13. Hi all! I have a tiny request for anyone who can convert! Could they convert this : http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/7858-dorset-police-ford-focus-estate/ ? There's no current models of this and would be greatly appreciated!