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  1. What Ben said. When I first got into LSPDFR I had the same issue and wondered what the problem was. Radiance will fix that.
  2. Hrm. Strange. Looks like everything is where it should be. Have you tried reinstalling the plugin completely and/or updated it to the latest version?
  3. So, just so I am understanding you correctly: Your lights are flashing correctly, but they are just too dim? Or is ELS not working?
  4. Do you have any visual scripts/plugins installed? Such as Radiance V or ELR?
  5. Are you referring to the RPH console? What exactly is it doing when you try to open it? You may need to run GTA in windowed mode for you to be able to see the RPH console.
  6. Absolutely love this model, but it always only ever spawns as white in color. Is there anything I can do to randomize the spawn color or make it so it is the dark grey like in your images?
  7. Does it open without error normally? Or is this specifically a problem opening GTA V through Rage?
  8. ALSO: It seems that the rear lightbars in all models do not work. They flash on the inside of the bar rather than the outside. Can provide pictures if requested
  9. Anyone else have issues with floating lights out in front of their cars? It only happens on my FBI slots, sheriff works just fine minus some grill lighting not activating.
  10. Where is the folder for everything installed? I need to uninstall it but have no idea where to look in OpenIV
  11. RPH is only a 8MB download, give or take. It's not a very large file. You can download the latest version from the Rage Plugin Hook Website
  12. Does the game seem to pause when you hit the key for the RPH Console? If it is, it's working, you just cant see it. When RPH is loading (Before GTA V launches) click on the cog on the left side to go into your settings Go to Game Settings Check "Force Windowed Mode" Save and Launch Try opening your RPH console now, it should now be visible and working.
  13. I'm having the same issue and after looking through the forums here, it seems like it's a widespread issue at the moment. My assumption is that we will need to just wait until an update for scripthook is released, unfortunately.
  14. Hello all! So recently I've been having issues with my game crashing on startup. I chalked this up to some mistake on my end when I was moving files around, so I reinstalled everything, including wiping out all of my mods files just to be sure. So I went back through today and got everything set up (LSPDFR, ELS, etc.) Booted it up and it worked great, except I noticed that my trainer and ELS wasn't working correctly, but LSPDFR was. Realized I had forgotten to install scripthook, so I went back and put it into my files..... Immediately have the same issues I had before. Crashes on startup every single time. Is this a widespread thing with scripthook? I don't think I'm using an outdated version or anything, but everything was working fine until I installed it.
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