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  1. This sounds amazing! We probably need a clean install of GTA (do we?) which is all set up and done. But now I'm really in the mood to go out policing again, but that would mean I need to reinstall again soon. What to do, what to do...
  2. Hi Albo, I've ran into a small issue with the mod. Most buttons don't work anymore. They did earlier today, but now it says there is no action connected to the button. Can I somehow reconfigure Smart Police Radio? Also I've reinstalled it, but that didn't do it. Thanks in advance! EDIT: I've also ran the updater and troubleshooter. That didn't fix it either.
  3. Makes sense, kinda stupid I didn't do that in the first place. Could have saved me a lot of time. I'm reïnstalling GTA5 so I have a fresh dir to work in. And this time I hope I won't make a mistake and mess it all up. Thanks for your help!
  4. I tried to play it with only rph and lspdfr installed and that worked. Then I installed some of the top downloads from the page, thinking they would be updated, but I guess that's not the case. I'm currently looking at all the plugins I've got installed and looking at the download page to see if they're up to date. Current GTA version is 1.40, isn't it?
  5. I've downloaded GTAV last night and downloaded all the plugins about 3 hours ago, so I don't think it's a matter of updating. I'll go through all of the plugins to see if they're updated yet. Maybe I need to delete some of them and that may fix the problem, but I don't know. Not much of a modder myself.
  6. Hey guys! I hope you can help me with a problem. I downloaded lspdfr and rph, everything was working. I downloaded a couple of plugins and now every time I go on duty the screen freezes. The map still moves when a call comes in, I can press escape and use the menu but that's about it. I tried using the troubleshooter, but it can't find any problems. Anyone know what I can do? Screens of main folder and installed plugins: https://gyazo.com/3d358d7f7849ea69d891316285df6274 https://gyazo.com/9d2d547dc106a934c907388e47c9696c https://gyazo.com/55a3a8d1e838a1d87a95eeb59c84b9c7 https://gyazo.com/04fcbdc8278d36e7443ed1d6abbf4674 https://gyazo.com/56cafbbfc5cf59fad2cb7a0b0d709837 EDIT: I use the latest version of GTAV, I installed it last night after haven't played for months.
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