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  1. Thanks Seamoth, unfortunately for me it was just me being an idiot, fixed now tho, many thanks!
  2. True, more like round 15 corners.
  3. I am reluctant to say it was the cause because as soon as I say that the game will start crashing again, I am very slowly adding some of my old stuff such as add-on cars ect. I see I have come back at just the right time with a new LSPDFR just round the corner lol
  4. Didn't add update folder to newly created mods folder! And I am starting from scratch as far as plugins/mods goes as I think that will be safe so that I don't install outdated items.
  5. I am not using my old mods folder I am literally using vanilla but I think I may have just fixed it, and if it is what I think it is then I should be banned from this place never to return again...rookie mistake I think!! Guess time will tell Ok without speaking too soon I think its all working now, I will pray to the LSPDFR gods for forgiveness for my rookie mistake!!
  6. At this moment in time I am using no mods at all, just trying to get the game to load, just uninstalled ASI loader via open IV and boom works straight away, add ASI loader via open IV and crash again. I don't recall ever having issues like this before, seems I am not the only one tho.
  7. Ok maybe not then, I had forgotten just how much of a bitch GTA can be as soon as you add mods to the mix! So.. Fresh install works fine, add latest rage/scripthook/lspdfr and setup open IV, run rage and crash's on first load screen where you hear window smash. Run game without rage and works no problem. Can't be mods as I have not added any yet. Can't be a graphics issue as vanilla game runs fine. Tried running rage as Admin but still crash. It must be something basic which 6 months ago I am sure I would of picked up straight away but I have forgotten all the little quirks this game has. Right, it is definitely an ASI loader issue, all is fine until I install ASI loader via open IV, once that is installed you can forget it game will not run via rage, fine via normal gtav.exe. At this stage I am at a loss, will of course ask my friend google but does anyone have any suggestions?
  8. Hi Kal, Might of known you would still be here lol... I think I figured it out thanks, I suspect it is because I am trying to load the game with old mods from 6-7 months ago, so just doing a complete re install now to see if that fix's it.
  9. Hi all, Been away from LSPDFR for about 6 months (please forgive me!!) but decided I wanted to get back into it again, but of course nothing is ever that simple is it! I am having issues getting GTA to even start up once I have installed all the usual things such as the latest rage/scripthook ect. From what I can ascertain dinput8 seems to the culprit. If I delete that then I can get the game to load up but of course mods won't work then. If I add the dinput8 file back in then the game won't even load up. I get to the "waiting for game window" stage in rage and then just a flickering egg timer.. Any suggestions old friends?
  10. I have to agree with other comments made, seems pointless to me, but as it's your first mod then I guess the point is keep going and try to make something we would all like!
  11. Anyway to have it show on the map when you get a hit? Not sure how you navigate to the area if you don't know where it is? I know it shows you street name but I certainly don't know where the streets are, unless there is some sort of sat nav mod out there?
  12. I think it's the same for everyone, it has become unusable for me and I have reverted back until a fix is made.
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