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  1. Cool, I do not want to get a lot of money, I want to simulate a salary with the lspdfr plugin.
  2. Spawn bag of 30000$, to simulate pd life with salary.
  3. Don’t have a point. All location press F11. This idea, is simulate an roleplay game. Next update require enter on duty to first press f11.
  4. Version 1.0


    Hello guys, i developed my first mod to GTA V, basically spawn 30k of money after off-duty mode. Objective: Simulate a police life with salary... Instructions: 1 - put salaryhour.dll on folder scripts 2 - press insert, to load all scripts 3- press f11 after on-duty 4- after off-duty, whith character (Franklin, Michael or Trevor) press f11 again, for generate money. Requisites: Script Hook V; Script hook v dot net; Rage Hook Plugin Version: Alpha 1.0
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