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  1. Officer3969

    K9 Dog with vest

    Sweet question how would I get the dog into the server just wondering
  2. Officer3969

    K9 Dog with vest

    Hey would I be able to use this dog in my fivem server
  3. Officer3969

    German Shepherd / Malinois - K9 Dog

    Would it be ok if I use this dog in my fivem community the I’m the owner of great ocean roleplay
  4. Officer3969

    Blaine County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) [ELS]

    i have a question why does the els lighting one go code three instead of all the codes
  5. Officer3969

    Los Santos Police Department [Pack]

    i love this man honestly it looks like my city police department skins can you add more like cvpi and others
  6. Officer3969

    EUP Replacement Belt & Holsters V1.0

    i love the belt are you going to be doing a safariland holster in the new future
  7. Officer3969

    EUP Replacement Belt & Holsters V1.0

    is there anyway to get this for fivem client side
  8. Officer3969

    Code 3 18 Charger & 13 Tahoe

    I love this whole entire pack I would love to get some custom lspd lssd and bcso skins done for them I have the pictures of the skins I want on the whole entire code 3 pack please message me
  9. this skin for lspd for all the vehicles this skin for all the vehicles for lssd this skin for all bcso vehicles so practically i would like skins for all these vehicles in these packs
  10. can someone make lspd/bcso/lssd for these vehicles
  11. any timeline on when this ped will be done i really love it and my community wants this ped so bad
  12. Officer3969

    Want a valor pack

    Can someone make a mega pack with all valor lightbars
  13. Officer3969

    mastercom a vancouver siren with rumbler

    It sounds different
  14. could someone make a mastercom a siren from Vancouver canada with the rumber
  15. Officer3969


    When are you thinking about adding the new 2016 charger and new 2013 Tahoe to the code 3 pursuit packs