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  1. Terence

    Siren ELS Clicks Ideas

    ok whelen cencom sapphire
  2. Terence

    Siren ELS Clicks Ideas

    just as an idea maybe make whelen epsilon clicks
  3. Terence

    Emergency Lighting System

    is there a way I could get my hands on that charger?
  4. thank you for posting the video will download it now!
  5. could you please post a video where you show the warble sound please
    My only complaint is the charger windows get too dirty too quickly, otherwise great pack!
  6. Terence

    Duplin County Sheriff's Office (2014 Charger Vinyl)

    what dodge charger do you have to install this on?
  7. Terence

    GTA 5 Rumbler SS2200 WITH HORN!

    for those of you who are having issues installing the OAC file these are the steps to follow: 1. go to mods/x64/audio/sfx/resident.rpf 2. right click and select extract to open formats 3. go to the siren mod 4. select the following files: 0x0EA58C7C, 0x0D329446, SIREN_2, POLICE_WARNING 5. copy and paste them into the vehicles folder you extracted from step 1 6. import from open formats into open IV 7. should be good to go if you have any issues please message me.