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  1. EDIT: Sorry you said the .log, here's the .log http://pastebin.com/YtMZ4NMh
  2. I use the latest RHP and GTAV version. Every time i pull someone over and get their ID i go check in the vehicle database and it crashes my whole game. The plugins and scripts that aren't crossed out by the red are the one I DO use. Also in the "VEHICLES" that you see in the photo is just emergency vehicles.
  3. in the brand new version i went into the vehicle database and it crashed my game... no idea what happened.
  4. No idea why but i was playing LSPDFR and i look over.. some cop is dropping flashlights out of his car window. Not a problem just thought it was funny.
    It's amazing and i love it! The only thing i would fix is when you crash it like spawns some sort of model of another car.. not sure how to explain it (Iv'e only had it happen once) but everything else IS AMAZING! Awesome work man keep it up.
  5. Hey when do you think you will release a new version for these that work with 1011?
  6. Just remembered i have a backup of a old version of RHP and lspdfr! Thanks guys!
  7. Im using gta version 944 not the latest. Is the new lspdfr only work for the new version?
  8. So for some reason when i start GTA with ragehook plugin to play LSPDFR it just crashes the game. I'm running GTA version 944 and the latest RHP and latest LSPDFR. No idea what's happening. Please help i love lspdfr! Video: https://youtu.be/N8xUGK_HOV8
  9. So im looking for the watch Casio MTG910DA-1V but its an old watch so its hard to find.. i have been looking for a while now but i just cant seem to find one... you think you guys can help me out?
  10. So for some reason when i export my zmodler3 model it makes it 0KB.. no idea why. i added a lightbar to the top and put it in the chassis (also above and below body shell) but it still is saving as 0KB and im new (like i have said a million times) to zmodler3 and have 0 CLUE on what the hell is going on.
  11. 1. where the hell is the undo button 2. when i try to move things it only moves left and right, how do i move it up,down,left and right? 3. how do i un-select things?? 4. why is this so complicated Note: i am using the Quadr tool and the Move tool. Im new to this so sorry for all the posts
  12. Man for some reason when i insert it it says "not a zmodler1.x version X3D file.file:oldz3dimportexport" anyone know why?
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