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  1. HuskyBaud

    My WIPs

    All the cars I am currently working on.
  2. Didn't know, I'll be sure to do that for next time, thanks.
  3. Two different rambars, join the discord to see.
  4. Damnit, why didn’t you cover the pink?? We talked about this smh
  5. Thanks Feel free to post suggestions don’t quite have anything in mind to do yet
  6. Only if people got the joke that wasn't in Interceptor Studio's discord (on the low self-promotion join the discord you won't https://discord.gg/MUb6EQw if you join you will get the joke sorta kinda probably not) And um, no it's not off center.
  7. Decided to create this to showcase some of my progress what I am working on and what potentially you would like to see next. All of these files are subject to change, still trying to learn the ways of 3ds. Westin Rambar D&R RDS17 Elite Westin wrap around Dectar Genesis Generic Window Bars
  8. Version 1.0.0


    These models are not perfect, nor should you expect perfection. This is my first time taking on a decently sized project. Poly Count: 8K (Lowest I could get sorry) Join the discord for exclusive releases: https://discord.gg/PaJt8a7 ----- The last picture is included please note I didn't boolean it in the picture. I have also removed the 2 boxes since they didn't look good with the wrap.
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