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  1. 1027county

    Los Santos Metropolitan Police Department Pack

    Couldn't hit the download button quick enough perfect models
    great work on these ive always been a fan of spotlights on police vehicles especially tahoes but seeing the quality here i didnt even care great models
    i always enjoy your models but your tahoes are by far the best great work
  2. 1027county

    [ELS] LSPD Mini Pack

    Pretty damn good that cvpi is one of my favorites on this site
  3. 1027county

    [ELS] LSPD Mini Pack

    Good to see you back
  4. 1027county

    2014 Dodge Charger Mini-Pack: "LSPD"

    Still one of my favorite modders out there your work is damn near perfect
  5. 1027county

    [ELS] 2004 Los Santos Police CVPI Pack

    finally got to use the car again after a week of being away very impressed the lights are perfect id give you another 5 stars if could
  6. 1027county

    [ELS] 2004 Los Santos Police CVPI Pack

    nice models worth the download the light bar is a little dim but it doesnt take away from the quality of the cars looking forward to seeing more
  7. 1027county

    Ridley Township(Ridley Red) Police Department

    beautiful work thank you
  8. 1027county


    first non els vehicle ive downloaded in almost two years cant wait to use it good to see you upload again
  9. 1027county

    Code 3 18 Charger & 13 Tahoe

    really like the models the light bar is great and the tahoe is exactly what i was looking for for a sheriff model however not sure if you did it intentionally but the rear tires are quite a bit larger than the front tires is this something you would consider fixing.
  10. 1027county

    [ELS] 2012 Chevy Silverado 2500

    Looks great love the lighting great to see a nice looking truck come out thanks for the work you put in on it
  11. 1027county

    2018 Ford Expedition Police/FBI/Fire

    Thanks for the reply ill try that when I get home looking forward to it seems like a great model
  12. 1027county

    2018 Ford Expedition Police/FBI/Fire

    I have one issue with the model I installed the police one in police3 slot started my game and loaded fine spawned it through my trainer it had no skin just template which I saw in openiv preview everything worked like it should however when I exited whipped up a quick 4k skin reloaded my game spawned it and it instantly crashed my game I got the reboot error so I reinstalled my original police3 car and worked fine what would cause that its the first time I've had that and I'm stumped is it the 4K texture I used
  13. 1027county

    2018 Ford Expedition Police/FBI/Fire

    I have one issue with this model that I can't figure out I installed the poli