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    Scottvdken reacted to minddriver in Auto Brake Lights   
    Basic Vehicle Actions V2.01 works fine on GTAV 1.0.944.2 with latest RHP.
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    Scottvdken reacted to Albo1125 in Pedestrian on Foot FollowMe   
    I'll implement this into Arrest Manager 
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    Scottvdken reacted to Black Jesus in License Plates   
    Vehicle model itself. Some authors have it mapped to the skin, others have it mapped to the random plate generator function. I don't exactly know what you mean by "how hard is it to edit that in". Are you asking how hard it is for the author to edit that in? Or asking how hard it is for someone else to edit that in? For the author it's very easy. For someone who doesn't have the unlocked file and program for it, it's impossible.
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    Scottvdken got a reaction from IckleKI in Traffic issue plugin   
    I use "ClearTheWayV" (which also helps traffic avoid you while out of your car making a traffic stop), and the barriers that come with Police Radio. "LCtrl+J" to place, "J" to remove. It's a little immersion breaking to have to place a barrier, but I rather that than being run over. Another useful mod is "Traffic Control", which lets you slow traffic to 10MPH or stop it completely.
    Links to all three:
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    Scottvdken reacted to Albo1125 in Solicitation & FinKone's Repeat Offenders PREVIEW #2   
    Just saw this section and figured I'd throw my latest video in! You may have already seen it but I hope you enjoy it 
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