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    mesaal666 reacted to Matthewcl375 in Heavy FPS drop caused by Plugins?   
    I have a similar issue in that the frame rate i get is 30fps and normally feels very stable (almost like the ps4) but once on duty if other cars start showing up to a chase or the weather changes it dips into the 20s. Whilst on duty it's just less stable
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    mesaal666 reacted to xXAlduin99 in Heavy FPS drop caused by Plugins?   
    I have a question concerning performance and LSPDFR-Plugins.
    If I play without LSPDFR, i have stable 60 FPS.
    If I play with LSPDFR, without any plugins, I have 58-60 FPS. absolutely okay.
    But if i play with LSPDFR-Plugins, especially Arrest Manager and Traffic Policer, the FPS drops to 30-40. And this is not okay, because its not stable and it switch constantly between this values. Its not a good feeling to play like that.
    So my question is, is this normal? I have seen many youtubers who uses the same or more mods than I, and it looks like they have no FPS drops. I'm not sure. 
    And if this Problem only shows up on my game, what can I do?
    (Everything is up to date, Game, RPH, Plugins & Mods)
    If i add every callout plugin, except Assorted Callouts, I still have 55-60 FPS. The plugins causing this problem are mainly from Albo 1125.
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    mesaal666 reacted to AngeloCosma in Wheel Lock / More Control V   
    If using an xbox controller would this work the same as double tapping Y? Also setting Fast exit, is that in the "N" settings in game when pressing N on keyboard or in More Control V?
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    mesaal666 reacted to Kilyin in Wheel Lock / More Control V   
    Use it in conjunction with fast exit (turn wheel, while holding turn, double tap F)
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    mesaal666 reacted to AngeloCosma in Wheel Lock / More Control V   
    Hey guys I have More Control V and am never able to get the Wheel Lock, or the tires to stay turned when exiting the vehicle. I have it set to TRUE in the .ini so I am not sure what else to do as I dont see a key command for it. 
    I have never seen this work one time, yet on YouTube and elsewhere people seem to be using it just fine. 
    Any ideas?
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    mesaal666 reacted to LukeD in Wheel Lock / More Control V   
    It's set to allow controller input as well so long as the plugin detects a controller is plugged in and active. So yes, double tap Y is the same as double tap F on keyboard.
    The controls are hardcoded for this so for fast exit it will only ever be double tap F or Y on controller, I could add them to the ini file if people want to change them.
    In theory these should all run independently of each other and thus not be a problem, I'll test this when I have more time.
    I did release a patch update recently so maybe see if that works for you.
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    mesaal666 reacted to alpha30xyz in RAGE Plugin Hook Help   
    I installed all files except "licenses" and "SDK" via the instructions and ran RageHook.exe as an admin and hit F4 in game but nothing pops up. I have the latest release as well. Can I have some help before LSPDFR gets released.
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    mesaal666 reacted to Prophet in Check out ELS for V!   
    Come in! Enjoy the discussion, as well as updates pertaining to the ELS-V modification by @Lt.Caine.
    Developers: @Lt.Caine and @LMS
    Official Testers:
    @Bxbugs123, @Prophet, @GravelRoadCop, @Albo1125 and @PoliceWag.
    Video Previews on ELS:
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