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  1. RambosNachbar

    Police Cars I'm using

    Started to use LSPDFR about a week ago and just had to share the vehicles I use. Don't mess with the Law Enforcement in SA! And of course a big Thank You to the guys who created these Bad Boys.
  2. RambosNachbar

    Stuttering with or without Traffic Policer

    true that xD. Like in the workplace; when nobody is yelling at you, you're doing a good job!
  3. RambosNachbar

    Stuttering with or without Traffic Policer

    I'm a little bit disappointed that nobody else ansewerd in the mean time, but even with some call outs, more plugins and high def vehicle models I don't get that stuttering anymore. It's seems that whatever you did, fixed the issue. A BIIIIG thank you from me to you for this!
  4. RambosNachbar

    2016 LSPD FPIU

    I want to marry that car!
  5. RambosNachbar

    Stuttering with or without Traffic Policer

    I tested @Albo1125s new Traffic Policer and Arrest Manager for 45 minutes now and it looks pretty good to me. I will do a stress test later today with more performance heavy plugins etc. and let you know.
  6. I'm currently not on my PC but I will let you know tomorrow. But a big thank you that you keep working on it.
  7. RambosNachbar

    Stuttering with or without Traffic Policer

    I tested some more today. As the main plugins I used traffic policer and arrest manager. Any other performance heavy plugin was disabled or completly uninstalled. But I still started to stutter after more or less 40- 50 minutes. My Cpu and Ram usage remaind on normal levels. And now I pretty much have no idea what else I could do. Edit: Only Traffic Policer this time and not even 1 additional callout plugin and it's still the same. Next thing I will do on monday is to re-install GTA on a different HDD. Maybe you guys had some better results with your tests.
  8. RambosNachbar

    Stuttering with or without Traffic Policer

    I disabled Keep Calm, More Control, Ambient Events and some other plugins, but it still starts to stutter after more or less 40 minutes. I will do another test tomorrow with as few other plugins as possible.
  9. RambosNachbar

    Stuttering with or without Traffic Policer

    Ok, I will test it next time without Keep Calm and without ambient events. I let you guys know, how the test went.
  10. RambosNachbar

    Stuttering with or without Traffic Policer

    Do you have an idea what other plugins are performance heavy, so I can test a little bit. I know about the memory leak issue, but never had it. Maybe Traffic Policer is just the one drop too much, that lets the barrel overflow.
  11. Hey, I started this Thread simply to keep the comment section of Albos Traffic Policer cleaner and don't have people discussing the same issue over dozens of pages. The problem is a stuttering after 30-40 minutes of play time. It may or may not be caused by Traffic Policer, problems with our hardware or other plugins in combination. So far the discussion went like this: RambosNachbar: I'm sorry to say it, but it seems your fix did not change anything for me. I'm still getting lags after 30-40 mins of playing lspdfr. anotherc6vette: Im still in the same boat Rambos , its like the smallest stutter when you sit still you can see the stutter of a passing vehicle , almost like it drops a frame but it isnt actually if that makes sense ? Dippa: Bro, no need to keep letting the group know the same thing with the stuttering over and over again....trust me I know and have made it a point to make Albo and other well aware of this issue and being as not many people are having this issue it’s hard for him to pin-point what the problem is. When I read your first complaint about the stutter, man I feel you because I've been talking about it for a while now. I do however watch when it was happening, it seemed to stop after the Ragehook .37 update happened, and I've mentioned this on here. I'm starting to think it may have something to do with OUR hardware, even though we have pretty beefy set-ups. I'm also noticing the people mentioning the issue have the GTX 970 Graphics card and the I7 4790 processor like I do. With that said, so far the stuttering has subsided for me after removing “safe chaser” and a few other resource heavy Plugins (and trust me any plugins that perform the best need resources). I feel this is strange being as my card had 4 GB to itself and I too have 16 GB of ram on my gaming pc and yet still get occasional memory error crashes. We (meaning the community along with Albo) will figure it out eventually… because trust me, I know it’s frustrating when you have mods like Albo’s, that make the game so much more enjoyable, because I feel it also lol. I was having and still CAN have the same lag issue as you when I use certain plugins along with Arrest Manager and Traffic Policer. We hear you bro trust me and looking for a resolution lol anotherc6vette: I dont think it is a albo issue , i just seems weird that my old 750 never had any issue at all , i am also running .36 , it has to be a 970 thing , i will keep going till i figure out what it is , i have a feeling other people have a diff kind of stutter thats why i mention it to see if that particular person is having the style i am , and sorry im not PC person and because of that i have to ask questions HvyMetal: Would it help to run some bench marks? Or video of this on going issue? Not saying I'm having the same lag issue. Or posting system specs? I would guess the more detailed information the makers of the mod have and those helping, the better understanding they will have to know what the issue(s) is. And resolve the issue in a timely manner. Just saying. ________________________________________________________________________________________ I think it is a good idea to keep the rest of the discussion in this thread. @anotherc6vette; @Dippa; @HvyMetal; @Albo1125 My System: i7 6700; 16 Gb RAM; 6 Gb Gtx 980ti; Win 7
  12. I'm sorry to say it, but it seems your fix did not change anything for me. I'm still getting lags after 30-40 mins of playing lspdfr.
  13. RambosNachbar

    Anyone else getting awful FPS recently?

    Why Traffic Policer? Is it eating up memory?
  14. RambosNachbar

    Code 3 CVPI Slicktop

    just an awesome car. I would give more stars, but 5 is the maximum. keep up the great work.
  15. RambosNachbar

    Code 3 CVPI Slicktop

    with the new flag line it works for me. thanks Jesus ^^