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    J.J Dawkins reacted to Ezra in Police cars: FHP 2018 Dodge Charger RT Hemi showcase   
    I recommend watching the first five minutes as there's a lot of goodies, but the Charger showcase starts at 5:21
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    J.J Dawkins got a reaction from dizza in [WIP][BETA] S.W.A.T. Revamped   
    OMG... I DON'T KNOW MANY TIMES I CAME ALL OVER MYSELF OVER THIS CALLOUT... man i love the last one you did and O lawd this just take the cake...damn i just love your work so much
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to AlconH in List Of Unlocked Parts.....   
    Since I've been modding, I've created a list of unlocked parts available for download that can be used for those new to modding like myself....

    Here's what I've got so far, feel free to add and I'll update the list with anything that you may have.

    Chevrolet Suburban 2008 
    Chevrolet Suburban 2003
    Chevrolet Tahoe
    Mazda Rx8
    Chevrolet Impala
    Chevrolet Impala 2010
    Chevrolet Camaro
    Chevrolet Silverado 1500
    Chevrolet Avalanche
    >Dodge Caravan
    >Various Default Vehicles Pack
    Unlocked Driver:SF Taxi 
    2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer
    Ford Crown Victoria (BxBugs123)
    Ford Crown Victoria - (Driver SF)
    Ford Taurus
    Ford F150
    Speedo Ambulance
    Dodge Charger
    >Original Enforcer Templated (ELS, Multi-Livery)
    >Original Enforcer Templated (NON-ELS, Multi-Livery)
    >Swift Helicopter (Multi-Livery)
    >Habanero - Taxi (Multi-Livery)
    >Burrito - LCPD Correction (Non-ELS, Multi-Livery)
    Crimson Spartan Gladiator firetruck
    >MTL Ladder Truck
    >CHP Dodge Charger 2009

    Lighting Equiptment
    Code 3 Excalibur ELS-H
    Federal Signal StreetHawk ELS-H
    Code 3 RX2700
    Tomar 930HL
    Tomar 930L
    Quadraflare Pack
    Whelen Talon
    Code 3 XT6 Series
    Whelen Justice Lightbar
    Whelen Liberty
    Whelen Slimlighter
    >Whelen Avenger Dash Lights
    Whelen Interior Edges
    >Code 3 MX700 LED
    >Hänsch Movia LED Beacon (ELS)
    >Whelen Edge (Non-ELS)
    Whelen Edge 9000
    >HG2 Emergency Lighting Products (ELS)
    >Fedsign Vector. V1.0 (Non-ELS)
    >Code 3 Mx7000 V1.0 (Non-ELS)
    >Fedsign Vista Arjent. V1.0 (Non-ELS)
    >WHELEN LIBERTY LFL W/ Additional Modules
    ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>Text Advisor Lightbar
    >Whelen Vertex Super LED
    Outer Edge Lightbar
    Visor LED
    Mini Phantom Startburst
    Phantom Max Dashlight
    ViperS2 Dashlight
    CVPI Mirror Lights
    Slimlighter Dashlight
    Dual Talon Dashlight
    Whelen Freedom Lightbar
    Whelen Dual Avenger
    Predator 2 LED
    Whelen 400 Series
    OuterEdge Lightbar
    Visor LED
    Mini Phantom Starburst
    Phantom Max Dashlight
    ViperS2 Dashlight
    CVPI Mirror Lights
    Slimlighter Dashlight
    Dual Talon Dashlight
    Whelen Liberty LFL [with lense dividers] %5BELS%5D
    Whelen Liberty LFL [with clear lenses] %5BELS%5D
    Federal Signal Arjent [includes ALPR cameras] %5BELS%5D
    Federal Signal StreetHawk [Miami Dade layout] [ELS-H]
    Federal Signal Raydian %5BELS%5D (Requires scaling)
    Federal Signal JetStream [Non-ELS]
    Federal Signal Aerodynic [includes mini and full length models with LCPD layout] [Non-ELS]
    >Whelen Ultra Freedom
    Voltex Ultra LED %5BELS%5D
    >Federal Signal Vista
    >Whelen Dominator

    >Rhino Low Poly Rambar. V1.0
    Go Rhino pushbar for CV
    Dodge Charger Go Rhino Pushbar
    06-12 Impala Rambar
    CVPI GrilleGuard

    Misc Parts
    Whelen SA314 Series
    Police Console
    WatchGuard Video System
    Setina The Bodyguard Partition
    Decatur Genesis I
    98 CVPI Wheel
    08 Chevy Truck Wheel
    ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>Text Advisor Lightbar
    Q Siren
    CVPI Steel Rims

    Police Computers
    Toughbook C19
    >LCPD Computer
    Rockwell Collins Laptop

    I hope that there are people that will find this list useful,
    -Tom H
    When releasing work that contains other peoples parts, models or edited versions, make sure that you include proper credits!
    Thanks to the following for contributing links to this thread: SgtSpook, Sgt.Kanyo, Corleone, Snippro12, Cj24, ArcheryModz, gtapolicetrucker, F5544, Hilth0Modding, GTAIVPoliceMan, Hilth0, GTAIVPoliceman, GJPD (Officer Greg), Sasrical, NiTr0 SHoK, Beckugan1, Michael V, 00Stevo, MayaonDuty, Hlsaviour, Critical Faction, trewq34, 
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to TheGrandMaster in So, let's say Script Hook V is dead.   
    Scripthhook will eventually be updated, as the long wait for a scripthook update has occurred previously such as with the import/export update. Besides. if the development of Scripthook were to be halted permanently, then Alex would announce it like the Open IV had done.
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to GTAGAMERVIDEOS678 in END OF MODDING   
    So with the shut down of Open IV , modding is basically dead . Take Two ruins everything . Lets start a boycott on Take Two , NO BUYING ANYTHING TAKE TWO NO GTA'S , MAFIA'S OR NBA 2K  . DONT BUY ANYTHING WITH THE TAKE TWO NAME ON IT , DONT GIVE THEM MONEY , NO SHARK CARDS EITHER. SO IF THEY LOSE MONEY HOPEFULLY THEY'LL CHANGE THEIR MINDS . 
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to CouthInk4 in Wheels   
    both models is locked. The only person who could do that is the authors. Anybody else doing it would be violating our Mod theft guidelines. 
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to t0y in Review limitations   
    Hi there so I was recently looking at some files that have been out for a while or that just came out and I was noticing really good models had pretty terrible reviews. So I checked some of them, and a lot of the bad reviews were from brand new accounts giving them bad reviews for a tiny reason that they misunderstood, or even the opposite that some files had like 10 reviews just from brand new accounts who were giving short one worded reviews even if the file was not as good as they were saying. I think a good way to prevent these kinds of reviews would be to require someone to reach a certain milestone in their account to unlock the ability to give reviews. For example (can be something other than this) like when an account hits 50 reputation points, or if they have been on the website for a certain amount of months/weeks. Therefore there wouldn't be as many uneducated reviews. I'm not trying to blame them, I think they really mean well but they just don't really understand some parts of files that are uploaded. 
    Another way could be to give people the ability to edit their reviews. For example on thegreathah's recent Tahoe file someone gave him a 4 star review because the flash pattern was too slow, and another gave him a 4 star review because they thought the wheels weren't sized correctly (not trying to call you guys out, I understand the reviews, and you thought you were doing the right thing.) They thought they were right, which I understand but hah showed they it was supposed to be like that/they could change it themselves and they understood then, but now hes still stuck with a lower rating on his file which definitely pushes people away from downloading it. Obviously the point of files isn't for the reviews, but I think there could be a way to prevent low reviews based on stuff that isn't correct. 
    Obviously it isn't the biggest deal having people less inclined to download your file, but I still think it is something that can be improved upon.
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to Twurtleee in What happened to Mr. Kindness?   
    It seems as though JJ has retired from modeling for now, if he comes back you may be able to download the files your looking for, or maybe pm him to see if you can get a download link for whatever it is you are looking for.
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to SkillfulCorpse in A US touch to the Aussie police car fleet   
    Thought some might find this interesting, not quite the Charger that I very much want, but its a step haha. Since the end of the production of both the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore (Chevy SS) later this year, our police have been looking for replacement cars. The 300 is a 'show car' but last I heard Chrysler and the government are negotiating a 'police package' edition for normal use.
    Also included pics of a Dodge Ram we got for 5th wheel horse floats thats been in the fleet for a while now.
    What do you think?

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    J.J Dawkins reacted to Cyan in Banned IP form website   
    Apologies, we were updating a list of spam/abuse ISPs behind the scenes and a large Netherlands ISP was accidentially on the list. We are working to revert.
    Edit: I've removed the network from our block list. It may take around 10 minutes until you're able to access LCPDFR.com normally again due to caching.
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to Twurtleee in TurtleGod3000's DEV Parts WIP   
    WIP thread for any and all DEV parts i am planning on releasing, or am currently working on.

    Console that may come out for release in the future, needs some work. Comment what you think on it. :)
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    J.J Dawkins got a reaction from HankVoight in My WIP thread.   
    - OPTIMIZED FOR: any
    - MOD STATUS: Closed
    - Model created by EVI.
    - By downloading/using this file you agree to include my name if you decide to release/use any of my work.
    that is the full credits that i was given by a buddy then i also contacted EVI on gta mod center for permission and that answer was sure as long as you add my name into the credits. I respect Credits and would never steal take or give something out to a person without there permission 
    o yeah and i modified it with a tier 3 that was provide to me so i hope that clears this up.
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to Thero in ELS dev lighting.   
    There is some available  as a dev on another site  that are from gta 4 that you could easily convert to gta 5
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to HankVoight in My WIP thread.   
    I received it from JJ Dawkins, I'm not entirely sure who's it is yet.
    I received it from JJ Dawkins, I'm not entirely sure who's it is yet.
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to Kane104 in My WIP thread.   
    The rights holder, yes. The creator of the 3d model in question? No.

    Content creators in communities like these thrive on credit, as those of us that scratch model cars and any model in general expect credit for our efforts. In the same breath, I ask why else would we credit companies such as Ubisoft, EA, etc. for models used from their games? Its just a matter of practicing good morals and respect.

    @Him1250 You could've PM'd him instead of taking his thread off-topic.
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to HankVoight in My WIP thread.   
    Thanks a lot guys for derailing my thread.
    Well this got out of hand quickly, I can understand about the whole crediting over the original person who made the part and blah blah blah but seriously, at the end of the day it's a part for a video game, who cares. I think the credits have been thrown around enough for everything available to anyone to not know where it comes from. I just began to model and within a matter of minutes of putting up a thread topic to show off what I think it's a huge achievement for me, I was fucked in the ass with people crying over credits.
    I mean seriously unless you are the person who actually crafted the lightbar then, you have no right whatsoever to even comment on someone else using it.
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to Dbeehler73 in ELS Vehicles acting weird   
    go into the VCF file  and make sure that the extras that flash that shouldnt are NOT ELS controlled.
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to Destroyer11687 in Can we please have the option of changing our review score?   
    Sure, the version I reviewed is in my review, but it would be nice to reward an author who makes the effort to fix their mistakes with a better review. Having a permanent score prohibits people from doing that and it just seems outdated.  Other sites have the functionality built in, I just don't see why LCPDFR.com doesn't, that's all.
    I hear you. I realize I went on the offensive and bit back. I am sorry. I wanted to work it out over PM, but you ended the conversation and I felt dismissed and I was angry. I wish I hadn't put down such a negative score though.
    You do amazing work, and I have no intention of ruining the hard work you do. I myself felt ignored in bringing legitimate issues to your attention, and to be told that it was essentially just a matter of me figuring it out on my own didn't seem to own the problem. I am more than willing to say when I just goofed and was putting files in the wrong place, but several people were raising concerns, and I didn't feel that you were validating those who spoke up. 
    I really appreciate you taking the time to look into it and fix the issue and I look forward to what you bring in the future. Thanks for all your work.
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to Destroyer11687 in Can we please have the option of changing our review score?   
    There have been several files that the author's made no indication of updating and so I left a review score based on their current work, but then they do end up updating and deserve a higher score than the one given. Can we please be given the option of changing our scores?
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to Cyan in Approval   
    We don't provide any estimates of when approval on files completes - so I'm unsure where you are getting the 2 weeks figure.
    A lot of sites do an approval process on files, this isn't something reserved to LCPDFR.com.
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    J.J Dawkins got a reaction from RobertTM in OpenIV installs car mods to game but it does not show in game   
    @colgaming like what my Buddy @RobertTM said. all model need to go in the latest patchday so those car you adding overrides the one in-game 
    Installing Models Goes in this Patchday
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday14ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to RobertTM in OpenIV installs car mods to game but it does not show in game   
    Install them to the latest patchday:
    mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\(latest patchday)\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to Destroyer11687 in I would like to learn how to make police cars using zmodeler. Can someone please point me in the right direction for tutorials, assets, and general information?   
    I am looking for a bit more information then just how to mod the default gta v cars. I would like to create crown Vic's, chargers, fpiu', etc. etc., but I don't know where to find these assets to use in zmodeler3. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to J T in I would like to learn how to make police cars using zmodeler. Can someone please point me in the right direction for tutorials, assets, and general information?   
    they have tutorials on youtube that walk you through how to model cars for lspdfr, that's how I learned few years ago and its easier then explaining on here or Skype because of how complicated it is and you just have to learn as you go
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    J.J Dawkins reacted to Starkka15 in Showing off my recent vehicle skins   
    Hello guys, this is just a show room to show off some Vehicle skins I created and as I continue to make more, I'll display them here. If you would have a request, PM, I tend to jump right on it.

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