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  1. anotherc6vette

    B.E.L. - Better Emergency Lighting [OIV]

    yeah let me record one thanks for replying to my question !!
  2. anotherc6vette

    B.E.L. - Better Emergency Lighting [OIV]

    Is it normal for the takedowns and spotlights to flash when the lights are activated ? the light do have a different pattern but now my takedowns flash really bright and it overpowers the red and blues ? I use bx bugs cvpi 1.8 in the sherrif slot and for some reason it looks like the strobes in the front headlights are creating a bright white flashing light almost like its the takedowns turning on and off ? it does this with alot of my vehicles. Also I used the oiv and only installed the sheriff and fbi slots but for some reason it has changed the light pattern on every vehicle ? oh and this is a bad ass mod fyi !!!!! just trying to get it to work properly for me
  3. anotherc6vette

    Huntsville Alabama Police Skin CVPI

    this only worked correct on one side of the car , for some reason the passenger side texture is not in the correct spot on the car ? Do you know what could cause that ? Thanks
  4. anotherc6vette

    Improved Lighting Pattern

    Hey man love the mod but for some reason its not working for me ? I replaced the carcol doing it manually and now ive used the oiv and it installs just fine but none of the cars patterns change ?
  5. anotherc6vette


    just ignore my previous comment i somehow deleted the audio file under the police scanner whooooppsie daisy
  6. anotherc6vette


    do it..... do it...... come on do it .... , when you get time that is !!
  7. anotherc6vette


    for some reason this plugin worked great , then all of a sudden i dont get the audio like i did , I still hear the key up sounds but nobody talks ? You know if a mod could cause a conflict with this ?
  8. anotherc6vette


    yeah i like the alternate pitch as well the normal pitch gets old , you should just make the mod how you like it and who cares what others think ! We should be happy as a fly in heidi klums changing room !!!
  9. anotherc6vette


    thanks kilyin i think thats where i messes up , when i made my mods folder i forgot to just copy the update folder , i just copied the update.rpf and the x64 files and placed them in my mods folder , thats where i went wrong . Im just going to start from scratch lol thanks for your help !
  10. anotherc6vette


    Bugs last question , is it possible for me to just combine the update.rpf and the x64 that was created with your oiv to my original update.rpf and x4 folder ? as in just combine the two folders , im guessing what happend was i did not have a update folder in my mods originally , I just had update.rpf and x64 so im thinking thats why it made a whole new thing is because i didnt have an update folder under mods ?
  11. anotherc6vette


    Thanks bugs, but do you know why i have so many patchday folders ? I downloaded a tahoe and was told to put it in the patchday 3 folder but ive tried that and it does not show in game , i see the car in openiv but thats it , ive even put it in the patchday 12 and even the x64e just to check if it would work that way , just condfused as to why i can add anymore vehicles now
  12. anotherc6vette


    thanks for answering , the problem i having now that it created a new update folder and the only cars that are in the dlcpacks folder now are just the bxbugs chargers i have , so now when i try to add vehicles to the other update folder they are not showing up in the game ? I now have 12 patchday folders , is that normal ? Some how the new update folder that has the dlcpacks is overiding any other vehicles i try to add when you usually click the dlcpacks folder there are usually all the other folders and patchday folders in it , but now since i used the oiv installer the only folders that are in the dlc packs are the chargers and crown vic that bugs created , hope this makes sense hard to explain i guess i should do a screen shot
  13. anotherc6vette


    Hey bugz after I installed the OIV file under my mods folder it created a whole new update folder that is in my mods ? Is that normal or can I just combine the charger folder over to the existing update folder ? Hope that made sense
  14. anotherc6vette

    2013 K-9 Tahoe

    I added this vehicle under the patch day 3 and its not showing up ? I was wondering how many patchday folders you are supposed to have because I have 12 ? after i used the oiv on one of bugs chargers i now have extra patch days . Should i install this in the patchday 12 ?
  15. anotherc6vette

    Police Lights look like garbage since Biker update

    were your headlights looking like this ? Wondering if that is the issue im having with my lighting after the update