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  1. Would it be possible to add an option so that instead of a bleep when changing tones it’s a horn and when the siren is de activated it’s the horn sound twice for all the British players. (Only siren. No horn for light bleep sound if that makes sense)
  2. How exactly the same problem as me but for me its with DDs BMW ARV can you post if you find a solution
  3. also here is a vid of what happened 2016-08-19 21-17-18.mp4
  4. Yes I will but I can't do it till later as I don't have my computer at the moment
  5. I installed DD's BMW ARV however when I turn the lights on the the sirens come on but the lights glitch out and expand + shrink with no colour when they should rotate and flash blue this is the same with the north Yankton cars as well and I do have visual v installed so any ideas on how to fix this
  6. dragged it, dropped it in the directory and replaced the files
  7. my rage hook 0.45 infinitely loads and it just won't load the game it doesn't freeze or crash and it does get on to the start up screen but just stays on that but it does say and show that it is loading any ideas
  8. I was wondering if anyone can help me i recently tried to install a skin for the car and it went wrong and made the wrong car look like a mix between a met police and banana car and now i cant change the car anymore whenever i try it stays the same with that skin and modelso anyone plz help me?
  9. Same I think i might try going back to 0.42 I cri hope it gets fixed soon
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