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  1. TallOak


    Hi. Where did you get the skins for the CVPI and the Charger from? Could you provide a link? Thx.
  2. Thanks Pavy! Unbelievable but this really solved my issue with the Direct3D swap chain NULL. Start in Window mode then switch to full screen and all is good. I was on it for days and that was the solution??? Anyway, Thanks again!
  3. Ok. Thanks. Seems like all the youtube videos I watched always had the white version spawn so I thought mine is somehow broken.
  4. Ok, please anyone help! I'm going crazy here. So, I'm having the same issue with the bodyguards constantly getting in and out of the vehicle. This only happens, though, when I'm on duty - as long as I'm off duty they would just get in the car and we can drive around but as soon as I go on duty they go crazy. I tried commanding them stuff - didn't work. If I tell them to look at Player, that's what they'll do - forever. If I tell them to follow, they will stand around the car and walk with it but they won't get in it. If I tell them to combat, they'll shoot the heck out of anyone nearby :-( I don't know what to do. I'd love to do a SWAT patrol but I don't even make it off the parking lot... I'm running LSPDFR 0.3b, RPH 0.36 and Simple Trainer V 3.4. Got Agency Callouts, Code 3 Callouts, CalloutsV, Arrest Warrant Callouts and of course Arrest Manager and Police Radio - plus Safer Chases, Keep Calm and RDE. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
  5. Thank you so much! I was going a little desperate... Thanks @Kilyin, too
  6. Hi everyone. Can someone please help me read this stuff. I'm getting frequent crashes of LSPDFR but I am unable to find the reason. This Rage-txt file is supposed to help, isn't it? But I am unable to make anything out of it. I'm on RPH 0.36, GTA V .617. I haven't had any issues before updating but ever since. Please help. Rage.txt
  7. It's working. Thanks for the heads-up @The Loot Since this might be interesting for others here, too, I take the liberty of quoting @Yard1's referred comment from gta5mods. Everybody that is crashing on the newest patch - install the RDE normally with OIV Package Manager and replace the gameconfig.xml in update.rpf/common/data with the one provided in the archive (depending on what version of RDE you have installed) - http://www.mediafire.com/download/9n163wu59yjg47y/RDE_updated_gameconfigs.zip
  8. The mod is working for me on RPH 0.36 I only once had the issue with SnowMod being blocked because of game-freeze when I unloaded the working mod and then loaded it again. But just loading it with the freshly started game is working so far.
  9. I'm having the same issue as @WmsK411 - crashes while loading "Loading and populating game world" - works withouth RDE, though. (RPH 0.36). I can't wait for RDE to be up and running again. Any news on that gameconfig?
  10. That actually did the trick! I thought I had tried that combination. Obviously I got a little confused with all them updates lately. Thanks guys for helping me out!
  11. Please can you update to RPH36? The Callouts are just not working now. 0.5.1 crashes EUP and 0.5.0 won't load. [06.02.2016 16:55:29.076] =============================================== Wilderness Callouts =============================================== [06.02.2016 16:55:29.076] Created by: alexguirre [06.02.2016 16:55:29.077] Version: [06.02.2016 16:55:29.077] RPH Version: 0.36.877.6833 [06.02.2016 16:55:29.077] Debug Mode: False [06.02.2016 16:55:29.077] [06.02.2016 16:55:29.077] Report any issues you have in the Wilderness Callouts topic or in the comments section and include the RagePluginHook.log [06.02.2016 16:55:29.077] Enjoy! [06.02.2016 16:55:29.077] =============================================== Wilderness Callouts =============================================== [06.02.2016 16:55:29.078] LSPD First Response: [Wilderness Callouts] Detected RAGEPluginHook version: 0,36 [06.02.2016 16:55:29.081] LSPD First Response: Error while initializing plugin: WildernessCallouts.Main: Der Typ "RAGENativeUI.Elements.NativeMenuItem" in der Assembly "RAGENativeUI, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" konnte nicht geladen werden. bei WildernessCallouts.Menus.InteractionMenu.Initialize() [06.02.2016 16:55:29.081] bei WildernessCallouts.Menus.MenuCommon.InitializeAllMenus() [06.02.2016 16:55:29.081] bei WildernessCallouts.Main.Initialize()
  12. Ok, so I'm having the issue that the Towtruck will spawn in different colours. Sometimes it spawns white like it's supposed to but sometimes it spawns in a redish or dark orange kind of colour. It still has the police sign on the door but looks somewhat rusty... What did I do wrong?
  13. Thanks, man! I was already going mad....
  14. I just wish you would have made your newset update backwards compatible to work with GTA V before the update - I'm not going to update before everything is stable again and all my mods are working with the new RageHook
  15. Well, I had a Chance now to take a look at the ini file and no, that's not what I ment. Although you can name bunch of different vehicles and peds you cannot tell the mod where to spawn them other than city or countryside. What I ment is to distinguish between Blaine County and Los Santos County and spawn the respective transport units. The same Thing RDE does. So when I am in Blaine County I want a BCSO unit to show up and when I cross over into Los Santos County I want a LSSD unit to spwawn and take the prisoner away. I think that would be a great addition.
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