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    As I’ve said in past reviews, I am very picky about the callout packages I add to my game. The last one I downloaded was Peter U Callouts, which I think is a AAA mod, its one of the most immersive mods for LSPDFR. This one caught my eye because of its substance as well. The author is correct, real immersive police RP is not all about shootouts and high speed chases. The other, “not so sexy” calls, like 911 hangups / abuse, objects in roadway, suspicous person and trespassing are all part of everyday police work. I’ve had this callout package installed a couple of days and eagerly accept the calls when they come in on the radio. They are fantastic calls and while they are very “basic”, e.g. the two times I accepted the “ammo” calls I simply showed up and watched the dialogue and the call ended, you can make them more imersive with some of your police tools like asking for ID or taking a statement from a ped. The varied locations also makes you think about how you handle the calls. For example, trespassing on the horse track may not result in an arrest but a trespasser on the helipad near Vespucci beach might be in violation of FAA or other agency laws and likely should be arrested or at least questioned at the station. I would like to see some functionality with Lt. Fuldz’ Police Search mod since I long ago switched from Darkmyre’s search mod but that is nit-picking and is merely a suggestion. (However, Police Search is the current most downloaded search mod on the LSPDFR site so there is some legs to this suggestion) True police immersion role players should have this callout package in their games to truly round out the LSPDFR experience. Great work! Looking forward to future versions! (This review is for version
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    LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview

    Awesome! Looking forward to it!
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    Handling line?

  3. thecovesf

    Is it hard to keep all your mods in place?

    The way I approached LSPDFR was to go one step at a time. Of course other than a few FPS mods, I was fairly new to modding when I installed LSPDFR. But I knew I wanted go slow so that when the inevitable crash came, i didn't have a tangled web to unwind. 100% agree with Kallus Rourke, you can't go wrong with Albo's mods, especially since most are essential to RP / immersion. I have them all installed. I also have a hand full of callout packages installed along with a visual mod, siren mod and character mod. And with the exception of a couple of slots, I replaced all the law enforcement cars in the game. The other thing I did religiously was watch YouTubers play the game with mods I was interested in. They give great real time feedback on mods after the install them, But like I said earlier, I went one by one. I installed and played that mod our used that car for a long session. If I didn't run into any issues, I built on top of that. Welcome to the LSPDFR community!
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    Why no more non-els vehicles as compared to els?

    Hi, my name is thecove and I am a non-els holdout.... This was a great discussion. I read through the chain and nice to see some of the model makers on here discussing the pros and cons of ELS. If any of you have read my reviews / comments, I follow the KISS philosophy when modding my game, (Keep It Simple Stupid). I really take my time before adding a mod to my game, reading reviews, comments and watching YouTubers use the mods before I add anything to my game. When ELS first released, I saw some of the things mentioned above that I wasn't ready to deal with so that kept me from being an early adopter. And this is probably a big reason why I'm hesitant to change my fleet to ELS. I've painstakingly pieced together my fleets : model by model, skin by skin, meta by meta; department by department : LSPD (city), SAHP (state) and LSCS (full map is county). With the help of the some of the larger skin packs, each department is uniform and it really helps the immersion in my mind. I'm just not ready to start over. And having just added EUP to my game, I'm having a blast creating different characters in various levels of their careers and RPing through that. I've got my game in a good spot, able to get 2+ hr sessions in until good old GTA memory suck begins to drop frames and create terrible draw in distance. But I completely agree with an earlier post that there is still a lot of non-ELS choice out there, in fact I upgraded my FPIU fleet to Hurks 2016 FPIU pack the other day (it took a little trouble shooting to get right. At some point, I will convert, no-doubt because there are things I want in my game, especially environment lighting and control of light patterns. That's the beauty of modding, you tune your game to your tastes. Great topic.
  5. LOL. You guys are probably saying, “Get with the ELS times, Cove!” Yes, I’m a Non-ELS holdout. I’m old-school! And it wasn’t even that long ago we didnt have ELS. LOL
  6. thecovesf

    Police3 Slot Issue After RHP and GTA5 Updates

    FULL Credit goes to ModHD for supplying the following solution which worked like a charm! LOL HEY BUD! GUESS WHAT! I FOUND A SOLUTION!!!! Go to Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpluxe\dlc.rpf\common\data\carvariations.meta and add this lines after <variationData> THIS INSTRUCTION WAS WRONG DO THIS INSTEAD: Go to Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpluxe2\dlc.rpf\common\data\carvariations.meta and add this lines after <variationData> PROBLEMO SOLVO.
  7. That's too funny. I suspected there was a new update rpf that was affecting the Police3 slot directly somewhere. And as you were posting this, I was looking though the latest rpf files but didn't see a line in any carvariations that changed Police3. So then I come back here to see if I had any replies and bingo! Your's worked right off the bat. I just finished a 2hr session with the game using the Police3 vehicles and it was perfect. Thanks! You made my day.
  8. Hi All, So I'm at my wits end here. Prior to updating to the latest RPH and GTAV, all the vehicles lights were working perfectly. I'm not running ELS and every car I have in my game are non-ELS cars. After updating, I reinstalled RadianceV and my vehicles and carvariance metas. However, I noticed the lights for my Police3 vehicle were broken, the lights in the light bar were dim and the lights were flashing outside of the lightbar, around the vehicle. FYI - the vehicle is the 2013 Ford Explorer from TheHurks CHP Mega Pack. But I figured that's okay, I wanted to upgrade my FPIUs to 2016 models and downloaded TheHurks 2016 FPIU pack (non-els) and installed into Police3. I swapped out the Police3 vehicles meta with the lines that TheHurk supplied and used the carvariations lines for Police3 that TheHurk supplied Still the same issue, see images below: This issue is only affecting cars in my Police3 slot, I dropped a charger into the slot, thinking that a sedan might work correctly, to no avail. All other cars in all my other slots are working perfectly. TheHurk and I believe something happened in the update since this is only affecting my Police3 slot. Any help or ideas are truly welcome. Thanks to anyone that can help. My carvariation meta is here:
  9. Thanks man. I'll post to the broader community to see if anyone has any idea. If you come up with anything, let me know.
  10. Hi again Hurk. Sorry for the confusion earlier and also time between posts. I really wanted to try to solve this one myself but I'm at wits end. I also wanted to get you as much info as possible. To quickly recap: I have your CHP Mega Pack too. with the 2013 FPIU in the Police3 slot and it was working fine until I updated to the latest RPH and along with it the latest version of GTA5. Of course with the updates, I had to reinstall my carvariations and vehicles meta files so all my cars would work right. When I started the game up, the lights on the 2013 FPIU were flashing outside of the light bar and there only one or two lights working within the lightbar itself. But it was no big thing because I've been wanting to update to the new Explorer. So I down loaded the this file and the lights were also doing the same thing. I updated both the vehicle and car variations meta as instructed in the readme but still the same issue. I went through my carvariations meta and found some repetitive police3 lines, so I took them out, leaving the police3 lines you included and made some progress. The lights within the lights bars now appear correctly but I am still getting the lights flashing outside. I've attached the pics. Below is my carvariations meta lines which is installed in mods>update>x64>dlcpacks>mpluxe>dlc.rpf>common Any ideas? Thanks! Quote Edit
  11. Sorry Hurk, I'm using the non-ELS version. I'm not using ELS at all. I should have posted this in the Non-Els version. Edit: I'll start a new comment / convo in the correct place. I'll post a few pics and even send you my meta files if you want to see them. Thx.
  12. Thanks as always for the great models Hurk. Now let me preface this by saying, I have your CHP Mega Pack too. with the 2013 FPIU in the Police3 slot and it was working fine until I updated to the latest RPH and along with it the latest version of GTA5. Of course with the updates, I had to reinstall my carvariations and vehicles meta files so all my cars would work right. When I started the game up, the lights on the 2013 FPIU were flashing outside of the light bar. But it was no big thing because I've been wanting to update to the new Explorer. So I down loaded the this file. I'm still having the same issue with the lights flashing around the car or not flashing at all. I've went in and added the lines in the carvarations meta and updated police3 in the vehicles meta as shown in your readme's but still having the same issue. Any help here will be much appreciated, even if I have to revert back to the 2013 FPIU. I'm thinking something in the GTA5 update changed the way police3 acts. Thanks!
    Great model with lots of options. Thanks Hurk, I appreciate you giving the community so many different download options, making immersion easier and wide ranging.
  13. thecovesf

    EUP Menu

    Simple to install and simple to use. The very definition of good menu / UI, especially one that is required to use another mod. Perfect!