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    Be my Valentine??? LOL, so exciting!
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    1Victor18 reacted to Sam in Our Community - What we stand for & How to get involved   
    Just to clarify as I don't want to mislead, that was just an example of how much it would cost if we used AWS (which we don't as Cyan is a systems administration extraordinaire).
    Still, a website as big as ours doesn't come cheap.  There's a lot of other things like software licensing and costs for mitigation when people hit us with denial of service attacks. 
    It's not really something that we want to make a big deal about as we'd rather just get on with things, though.  
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    +1 Murphy
    I too use SNT and it is set to System time. Although sometimes I will turn it off and do night time patrols. I mainly do State Trooper so I like sitting on the highways "Blacked" out and pulling people over for speed. 
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    Yeah I love night as well... mostly because that's when my lights look the prettiest.<3(;
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    1Victor18 reacted to stevizzle in What do you want to see more of in LCPDFR?   
    I would like to see more realistic calls like police actually get like domestic violence calls or a reckless driver call or an assualt or rape or murder things that actually happen frequently and maybe the calls could be more involved not just pressing a button until your finger hurts.

    Also maybe actually arresting people it feels like im a murderer all you do is kill people and thats not what being a cop is all about
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    1Victor18 reacted to Cyan in Grand Theft Auto 5 LCPDFR Petition!!!!   
    You are not a shareholder of Rockstar Games. Your petitions are useless, and will not affect/influence them in anyway.
    Any decisions Rockstar Games will make will be based on statistics and what they think will earn them the most money. This is how businesses work.
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    1Victor18 reacted to This is it in Grand Theft Auto 5 LCPDFR Petition!!!!   
    I think having lcpdfr as a stand-alone mod is better. When you give it to R* you are letting them do whatever they want to it, they can add and change features at their will, and they won't listen to the what we want like the lcpdfr staff does. It would change the mod completely.
    Lets be honest here, R* like all other companies go for the money and business as others have said above, and the majority of gamers, PC, x-box, or ps3  don't want a police mod, or anything like it. The GTA series is made for people who want to steal cars, kill cops, and do other things that they would never do in real life.
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    1Victor18 reacted to Sam in The road ahead: 2013 and beyond (LCPDFR, ELS.Net and more)   
    So, I was thinking that after a day of April fools jokes and such that perhaps a few people would appreciate some real news regarding our community, LCPDFR and our plans for the future.  I used to do something like this at the beginning of the year however we were a little sidetracked and honestly didn't have much news that we were ready to share - something which has changed considerably.
    The first thing that I want to say is that right now, as I speak, we're actually in the middle of a huge surge in popularity, traffic and activity and although the numbers are still a little rough, I can quite confidently say that the past few days have been our most active ever.  Yesterday alone we saw over 400 registrations - a phenomenal number for one day.  Today, we've had 414 so far.  Put simply, we're doing our biggest numbers ever and as the guy that sat for years and watched this project grow slowly, the past few days have been really exciting for me.
    We have now surpassed GPM in total member count, which I'm pretty sure was the only thing that was left to surpass them on.  Indeed, just a year ago when we really started to expand and grow I don't really think anyone expected that we'd do so well in the long term.  Back at the time, we understood the surge of traffic, all the new content and our sudden boost in popularity, but we didn't really think that it would continue that way - we thought of it as something that would come and stay, or even go, but certainly not come and then keep coming and coming (don't read that the wrong way please!).  Back in late summer 2011, all I could hope for was that we could be a viable and progressive alternative, and now I feel pretty silly for setting my expectations so low.
    On the subject of all this development and activity, 2013 is shaping up to be quite a big year for us.  Aside from the blockbuster release of GTA V later on in September, there's a lot more going on closer to home with the recently announced ELS v7 coming out, for the first time ever on LCPDFR.com, in a little bit and also with LCPDFR and another project I've been working on for the past couple of months in close collaboration with Lt.Caine and LMS.  Basically, as a lot of you will know, I've always wanted to make a lighting system that's a decent alternative to ELS.  Years ago I put out a small and unfinished script called Illumination which used GTA IV's native method to draw light coronas in the game world, making a decent LED lightbar and an absolutely horrible traffic advisor.  This didn't really go anywhere because of how bad it was, the complications of the whole thing and the popularity of ELS at the time.  A while back I decided to revisit it, and didn't really get much closer although I did come up with some ways of making things look a whole lot better but nonetheless it was scrapped and forgotten about.  The real breakthrough came early this year, however, when Lt.Caine sent me a message after something like 2 years of being away.  After a few days, we had a basic plan put together, which brings me to the first announcement I have for everyone:
    Emergency Lighting System (ELS) Dot Net

    ELS Dot Net is a special version of ELS, running on the .Net Framework and being developed primarily by myself.  It is a corona based system, like a few of the ones that have been shown of recently, although it has several key differences:
    Fully customisable and distributable patterns and vehicle configurations The ELS interface everybody knows and loves Several different light types, such as LEDs and halogen bulbs Realistic rotator lightbar emulation (with rotating beacons and environmental lighting) Built-in visibility checks for coronas shining through solid objects and such AdvancedHook integration for flashing headlights and taillights (agan, these are customisable) I hope to get some video of some of the cool features of ELS.Net released in the next week.
    The next thing I want to address is LCPDFR, and where we're headed with it.  For the past few months, LMS has been really hard at work with the mod, doing his best to write a whole host of new systems for it which I'll talk about a little later on this year - most likely in a couple of months.  All of our development energy and focus as far as LCPDFR is concerned has, however, been directed towards these improvements which I suppose you could describe better as a complete rewrite, because that, to be quite frank, is what they are.  We wanted to go further with the mod in the sense that instead of adding new callouts or pursuit features, we wanted to make the very core of it much more powerful and easy to build on.  After many months, we're finally almost there with almost all of the features of the ever elusive 0.95 RC3 ported over and re-worked for the new engine.  I thought that instead of waffling about the things LMS has been doing, it would be better to briefly list some examples of the new functionality present:
    PedIntelligence class - it handles AI for peds, meaning that now instead of people not giving a damn that you're pursuing a highly armed suspect right in front of them, they'll actually notice and care about it! Pursuits - We have some really powerful stuff for all sorts of chases, both in cars and on foot.  Instead of using ranges and distance checks, officers can now lose sight of the suspects, and if they do, will spread out and search a perimeter like in real life (helicopters are really useful now). Drastically improved Police AI - Suspect with a gun?  Cops will start shouting at him to drop it. Misc. Improvements - New tasks for things like pulling over (they do it a lot better now), ability to get the side of the street that a vehicle is on (useful for traffic stops) and full support for controllers. All in all, we're trying our best to make the next version of LCPDFR (which is most likely going to be 1.0) as powerful as we can given our limited resources not to mention all of our other commitments.  I'm sorry that it has taken this long for us to provide some concrete information about the state of the project - we've just been incredibly busy with all sorts of other things and only a few weeks ago were we anywhere near certain of what direction we were headed in with it.  That being said, the one thing I can say with confidence is that you will see a release of LCPDFR this year, unless of course LMS gest run over by a bus or something and my screen spontaneously combusts sending highly charged lethal glass shards through my body, but that won't happen hopefully!
    To conclude, I'm feeling really optimistic about the next 8 months.  I think we've got a lot of exciting things on the way and from what we can tell, we're obviously doing something right on the community side of things given our recent statistics.  I think we've all proven that LCPDFR, both the mod and this awesome website, has been nothing short of a total game-changer.
    On behalf of the entire team here, I'd like to thank everyone for their continued support, even after 3 and a half long years.  We've really made something special here, and it's not going to stop anytime soon.