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  1. I'm also having this issue - anyone found a fix?
  2. I'd love a set that removes the expanding minimap (in vehicle/on foot), radio wheel, character wheel, phone up (in vehicle/on foot), cinematic view, and vehicle horn if you have the time. Thanks so much!
  3. I absolutely love this mod! This is exactly what I needed to start using ELS. Did the request tow button get cut in the latest release?
  4. No worries - I had bought the full unlock and it wasn't showing up, but I had to run out and do some errands and when I came back and checked it, it showed up right away. Looking forward to using this!
  5. I copied the remote folder to the Custom Remotes folder in the Program Data folder, but I'm not seeing it as an option to enable on my iPad. Any suggestions?
  6. Hi all- after I updated GTA/RPH/ScriptHook to the latest versions last week, I've rebuilt my mods folder and everything seems to be running well, except for frequent crashes. I'll either get a message that LSPDFR has crashed (which isn't as big a deal, besides the leftover cars and peds that won't disappear) but I also get frequent GTA V crashes. I'm at a loss for what could be causing it since it's been in many different callouts/scenarios. My log is in the spoiler section. Any change someone would be able to help identify my problem? Thanks!
  7. No worries! I switched to set 4 I think and it seemed to fix the issue when used with Free My Controller. This is an awesome mod, I appreciate all the work you've put into it!!
  8. Any idea why as of the latest update, using any of these sets causes my game to crash when I get into a vehicle? I don't get a crash when using Free My Controller, but I prefer this set (#5) to remove the expanding mini map.
  9. Wow. All this time replacing vehicles I was searching for and replacing them! I use Albo's modding dlc now but I can't believe I didn't realize this before. Good to know! Thanks!
  10. Ha no problem. Glad to help. I don't know why it would cause an issue. Yeah it's old but the sheriff2 issue seemed to just randomly start. I did a whole redo of my mods folder like three weeks ago and all of a sudden boom no good. No mods changed or anything I just started fresh. Weird. So glad it wasn't just me though!
  11. Do you have natural motion installed? I did and had the same issue. I removed it and everything was good.
  12. Whenever I've had this issue it's in the vehicles.meta file. Try using an online xml validation and paste in the entire contents of your vehicles.meta file and see if it kicks back any errors.
  13. I just noticed the same issue! Any ideas why all of a sudden Natural Motion is causing an issue? Weird.
  14. ANOTHER UPDATE: THe problem seemed to be related to the skins I had put on Capt.14's LSPD pack. I had a bunch of 4k skins for each vehicle. It never caused me issues before, but it seemed to this time.
  15. *UPDATE* I removed Albo's modding DLC, still had the same issue when going on duty. Also removed my entire mods folder, still having texture/render issues when going on duty. Plugins can be loaded without issue, but as soon as I Force Duty things stop rendering or "unrender". Any thoughts on what could be causing this?
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