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  1. After reading some other comments on here I realized I installed scripthookv wrong, got it working now! Very awesome mod I love being able to tell people what the reason was for them getting pulled over and the responses are great, also the walk and turn and horizontal gaze is amazing, great work on this!
  2. After I downloaded it I just dragged and dropped it in my main gta v folder, not sure why els wont work.
  3. I really want to use your plugin especially for the new traffic stop questions, but every time I ForceDuty lspdfr crashes. I just installed scripthookv.net2 just to try to use this plugin, but no luck. When I removed your plugin and went back in game and typed in forceduty lspdfr loaded fine with no crashes. I really want to use this for the extra traffic stop questions lol.
  4. bm1234

    | BCS CVPI |

    Great looking car, I love that its a slicktop and the lighting setup looks awesome! Great addition for my highway patrol fleet!
  5. Hey Albo, me and another dude were talking about this in another thread and I wanted to bring it to your attention. Is there any chance we could get a question to ask people their reason for speeding on traffic stops, it would make running radar and writing tickets for speeding a lot more realistic. There could be different answers like they have to go to the bathroom really bad, or they're late for an appointment, or they have a family member that just got taken to the hospital, or they just didn't realize they were going that fast. There could be so many different answers and I feel that one question could bring a lot more realism for when you pull someone over for speeding. Anyways I love your mods and I hope you see this and maybe you could add this to your mod.
  6. Awesome that would be amazing! One question I've always wanted to ask on a traffic stop would be whats their reason for speeding, would make it a lot more realistic for running radar. Anyways awesome mod and thanks for the response!
  7. Cool mod, but is there anyway there could be a version just for the ped observation and extra traffic stop questions?
  8. bm1234


    Finally no more hearing kifflom! You just made my traffic stops a lot more realistic Thank you!!!
    All of the chargers look great, but my favorite is the Ghost Charger! The lighting and everything looks so awesome, great job on these!!
    Seeing these vehicles everyday in my hometown its awesome to have them in my game! Great job on these they look amazing!!!!!
  9. bm1234

    2014 Charger Legend

    Great looking charger! I wish it had an option for Alloy rims and it would be perfect!