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  1. He forgot to walk around to the other side.
  2. You blatantly ripped off this skin from another user. You can't just say you "based" this one off his and it's ok.
  3. Not gonna be a dick and leave a one-star, but mate this is awful.
  4. Randomly, the lights on all my vehicles stopped working when using ELS. The only lights that show up and flash are the brake lights. I tried uninstalling and re-installing but that didn't work either.
  5. Cool, any trainer can give you as much money as you want.
  6. If you're gonna take every review so personally, maybe you shouldn't post. No one wants to take the time to put the skin on when YOU should be the one doing it and providing in-game screenshots like everyone else.
    You spelled "PROUDLY" wrong, there are no in-game screenshots, and you used the Los Santos city logo for Blaine County.
  7. What's the name of the building in the fourth picture infront of the ambulance? I can never find it in object spooner.
  8. My favorite part is the uncapitalized letters.
  9. Really wish people who stop calling a solid color a "skin". You're just doing what everyone else can do with a trainer and flooding the site with low quality content.
  10. Thank god, there definitely isn't enough of these.
  11. Do those work with Ragehook though? I've tried the Rescue Mod before and it only works on the straight game. What I was talking about was adding more to LSPDFR.
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